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"Are you Local..? (1st Read)
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20th Mar 2014


*You make your way to the Waterfront, Elyxian Island. Its grey and open. You see stevedores and longshoremen however the place is fairly clear. You were told to make your way down to West Coast Longshoreman & Stevedores: Local 32, which is one of the primary Labour Unions on Elyxian Island. Located in an old government building, are the offices and Headquarters for Local 32, among other organizations.*

"They told us you would be arriving. Welcome to Local 32. This is one of the old Port of Los Santos Security and Rescue buildings that was privatized a few years ago. Don Mercanti put his Consiglieri XP in charge of Union infiltration years ago.
Overtime our influence has grown and we now have a Mademan as a board member of Local 32. The main Mercanti in this part of town is Mr Joey Altieri [X]. He is a Mademan in the Family and operates out of an office in this very building. Speak to him if you get the chance and he might even take you under his wing, if he thinks you have what it takes."

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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26th Mar 2014

  A couple of days ago I delivered a trailer with classic "Tornado" cars to Mr. Altieri, I didn't ask him or let him know about this, I just brought it to his HQ, and left it there, thinking I did a great  job.

  But the same night, at about 3 am I got a phone call, who on earth would call me at this time?  I just grabbed the phone by reflex , without even looking  at the display, ' Hello " I said while still sleeping, but I woke up in a second, when I hear the voice on the other end, it was Mr. Altieri,  he was speaking slow and clear

" Listen W. Whilst I condone your thought and ambition, please do not bring as big a tribute to my HQ in future. I've only just set up, I've a tiny team of stevedores on my payroll at the moment and they were manic when you offloaded these at the docks. "

he was speaking and I dared not interrupt him,

"They quickly stored them into storage containers as to keep them out of sight. I cannot afford heat!" he continued

I've work for you since you were the one who left them here. Please take the four cars to Prince or Glarke's place and get the plates switched.

I need buyers on our side of the water for these too. Scout out, network and sell these four vehicles on my behalf. Once all four have been moved, bring the cash down to Local 32 and you will get a 40% cut
" after he hung up

Although his voice was calm and relaxed, I still felt  so stupid,I felt like I betrayed him, betrayed his trust, since I should've though before acting..... well, what's done is done, now I must correct my mistake, and from now on think before doing smth.


Ok, where do I start? getting the cars out and changing the plates is important, but more important is to find buyers for this cars, buyers that will pay cash!!!  This are not simple cars, it's not a minivan you can sell in no time, this are rare classic cars, and finding a buyer can be challenging, Plus I can't move all cars by myself, I need help, people I trust. Well at least I have no problems with that, it's a no-brainer, I have Carter , TamilMafioso and Miguelito on my speed dial.

  I met with them at the port, explained the situation, and Miguelito came with the idea to call Simion.Of course, how didn't I think about this by myself.... if there is a person in this town who can find buyers for this cars, it's Simion
 I met with him at his office, I was lucky, Simion agreed to buy one car, and said there are two women who live on Vinewood Hills, one was looking for a car like this for her husband as a present for his birthday, the other one is collecting classic cars,a woman that collects cars???  damn she sounds too good to be real, I should take her phone number.Simion called them, and they were so excited, they agreed to buy them that same night, and we arranged a meeting.

  Wow, that was quick, I guess I did smth good in the past life, we shook hands with Simion, I promised that I will deliver one car to his garage tonight and I left.
But I still had one "Tornado" left. I called the  guys to check on them, while I was driving to the back

 They were at the docks unloading the cars from the containers, I told them I have buyers for 3 cars, that's when Tamil remembered there was a Ballas guy yesterday at the club, he was just promoted and was looking for a new car. Shit, dealing with ballas was dangerous, but did we have a choice? I asked Tamil to arrange a meeting with that guy.Finally I arrived at the docks................

Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

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29th Mar 2014

A gift for Joey! Enjoy courtesy of Eazzy and Trevor!

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2nd Apr 2014

So, Natalia was coming back from the gym and she came across a pretty sweet, rare ride.  I thought it would make a great tribute for Mr. Altieri.

Grand Respect Altieri

I hope you like it.


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Not only will I kill you, it'll hurt the whole time you're dying.

-Mario "Darkness" Scorsese

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10th Apr 2014

Macc wanted to spend the day cruising in his new car, enjoying the beautiful weather. He was enjoying the day, cruising the city when his phone began to buzz... ... #0

$30 per crate, 325 crates. We delivered the $9750 to the Dox without incident.

Shout out to my boys, Wally, Nerdgasm and TamilMafioso!

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18th Apr 2014

Joey, great to see you're doing a good job of keeping the union under control. Having a made man as an elected official was a goal of mine from the moment that i started hustling in the LS docks. We had to crack a few heads to get it done, but we're finally there and the profits are starting to pour in. Our day-to-day operations are being overseen by Joey, and he's doing a fantastic job of keeping the money pouring in and the scabs pouring blood.
That said, as consigliere i still have some business interests in the docks and unions. For now, i am based out of the downtown cab company is east vinewood. The Lost are keeping me busy, but I still show my face on the docks from time to time. For the most part, my job is managing the union pension fund. This involves stocks and numbers and a whole lot of other things i barely understand, but i've hired a tutor and should be reading at a fifth grade level in no time.
To cut a long story short, I am still putting up jobs that relate to the union, but i'm doing it from east Vinewood. Most of these are on a slightly higher level of profit so i suggest you check in with a made man before you attempt them. In particular, the pension fund manager Nico Caprese needs a talking to. Head over to east vinewood if you're interested in re-educating him.
For all the muscle and associated working for Joey, please make a point of regularly checking all longshoremen for their union cards. There are still a few scabs slipping through. For everything else, look to the head of your union.
I'll see you at the unicorn,

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This is the "before" photo.

Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Local 32 (X)
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