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"You ready for Business..? (1st Read)
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20th Mar 2014



*You drive to the inner East and hit serious Mafia Territory when you arrive in La Mesa.. An industrial playground, La Mesa is also home to Casey's Diner. You pull up and drive down the path to the La Mesa Customs. Your greeted by a stern face*

"So you got here in time, good. Follow me ill take you through."

*The man walks you through to the shop*

"Alright so we asked you to come down here because we have some work for you. La Mesa is full of opportunity. Its a dieing industrial area which means its ripe for Mercanti Rackets. The main Mercanti Member in this part of town is Mr Phoenix_Jay He is a Mademan in the Family and operates out of this very shop. Speak to him if you get the chance and he might even take you under his wing, if he thinks you have what it takes."

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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bojanix (Banned)
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25th Mar 2014

Here are the requested parts 'n' stuff. Always at your service.


bojanix (Banned)
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31st Mar 2014

*ring* *ring*
 "Whose there?"
 "Hello Sir, I heared some rummors of you needing places you can "borrow" stuff from, right?"
 "Yep, what do you've got for me?"
 "Well I was going around LS and I saw some good places people won't "miss" their gear.
I message you the locations with my phone:   . I add more locations with time.
Maybe Lone W. , after he revals his places..."
"Nice, see you around then."
 "Good day then."


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The Lone Wolf (Banned)
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3rd Apr 2014

Looking for Tools

A job given to me by Mr. Prince_Onion.

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25th Apr 2014

Jay was Relaxing, playing cards with Phoenix when The phone rings, Its Prince Onion calling..

'Hi jay, are you busy?'

'hi prince, no, we are not busy, what are you after?'

'Can you come to my HQ in La mesa Jay, I have a job for you?'

'Ok Prince, on my way.'

Jay hopped in his bifta and drove over to La Mesa.

He pulled up outside the HQ and went inside and went up to the office to see Prince.

'Hey there Jay, good to see you. Come in and sit down.'

'Hey Prince, what help are you after?' says Jay as he sits down.

'Im looking for a new mechanic or 2 that are reliable, can do a good job and are flexible about what they do.'

'Not a prob Prince, we will have a look for you and I think I have a few in mind that could be what your looking for.'

Jay and Prince stood up and shook hands and jay left.

He gave Phoenix a call and filled her in on what was wanted so she searched for any mechanics we know of.

She came up with a few that were currently in LS, alot were out on business in LX so I went looking for the few that she found.

After a busy day looking around for worthy candidates, jay arrives back at the La Mesa chop shop to hand over the details to Prince for his consideration and hopefully a couple will be what hes after.

As he goes in he waves over at the mechanic and said hi and he pointed up at the office and said..

'hes upstairs jay, head on up.'

'great, thanks' he says.

He walked up the stairs... he approached the office he hears voices so stays outside for the moment till the discussion was finished and out came the head mechanic Jimmy and then saw Prince waving him in and approached.

'Hi prince, sorry it took so long, I found 4 guys who meet your requirements' and handed over the list and details.

'I spoke with them about it and would be interested in working for you' Jay said.

'Thats great, thanks for helping' Prince says as he reads the info

'you've found a few good ones here, thanks for your help.' he said and we shook hands and as Jay was leaving, Prince said,

'If i have any more work, i will be in touch'

With that, Jay leaves and heads home to relax.

As he gets in, Jay is greeted by Phoenix and they talk about the meeting and then go and sit back, watch a movie on the tv and order something in to eat and wait to hear back from Prince....

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30th May 2014

Hi family, its Phoenix Jay, ive decided to get the rackets up and running again at the LS/LX Custons in La Mesa.

Debt Collecting:
Other Mademen and above run loan sharking and always need people to collect the money, so keep an eye open on the racket threads for any debts that need collecting.

There's some enforcement needing done:
Rival Mafia: if you see 2 or more people standing around in suits talking in a poor area, come up with a quick plot and deal with them.

Store Protection: If you see two suspicious looking people standing and talking outside a Store e.g. Gas Station or Liquor store and you think they are planning to rob the place.. take care of it. We collect money through the extortion rackets and we don't want anyone else robbing them.

Traffic Stop: When you are driving along with the Crew and you spot someone who you think is a Rival Enforcer driving a car up ahead, you can tail them till they stop at a red light and you make your move. Remember, think smart. You have options to a drive-by, kidnap and disposal etc your choice though the quieter, the better. Explosions always bring heat so avoid that. You can make a good journal from one of these if written right and got good pics.

For all of these make journals, take pics and have fun and just show your style and creativity of writing.

Aside from those, there was plans to collect tools to get stocked up and for some to be sold so this is still open. Bojanix did a good job locating places around the city, so look to the thread for locations and bring tools, vehicle parts back to La Mesa. You can store for a few days till you think heat dies down and then move to the Customs, its up to you. Be creative and make your journals show it.
Lastly for now, Ive been contacted by some wealthy clients that are looking for certain cars and willing to pay big money for them.

For clients up in Rockford Hills (the mansions), they are looking for:
2 Schyster Fusilade's

1 Dundreary Landstalker

West Vinewood:
1 Benefactor Dubsta

They are going to pay 10k per vehicle.

For these, RP getting the message and when out and about and find 1, clean it at carwash then deliver to the location above that requests it.

In Rockford, find a mansion that has a driveway and someone is standing in the garden looking like they are waiting and deliver the car and collect the money then drop of at LS/LX Customs in La Mesa.

In Vespucci, find a house with driveway or with someone standing outside waiting for you and deliver the car and get the money and drop of at La Mesa.

Take some nice pics, write it up nice and have fun doing it.

Always remember the rule, never bring heat back to the HQ and Family, think carefully when about to do one of the jobs, goodluck.


Mr Phoenix Jay

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20th Jun 2014

Under New management

2 cars pull up outside the La Mesa Customs HQ, 1 in LS and the other in LX.

In Los Santos Phoenix and Jay step out and look over their HQ.

            1. Violet 'Phoenix' Dormann                                           2. Jay L 

At the same time, James and Kylie pull up outside the Los Xantos HQ.

                        3. James L                                                         4. Kylie Michelle

They all head in and look around. 


They are greeted inside by the head mechanics, JImmy in LS and 'Wrench' in LX.

They are twins and loyal to the Family and handy at fixing any vehicle and also will be customers and family members first contacts at the HQ's. So if anyone comes in with money or goods, speak to jimmy and wrench and they will deal with it.

After the tour of the garage, Jay and Phoenix look at each other and smile, they will enjoy working from here. Across in LX, James and Kylie and thinking the same.

Up in the office, the 4 set up a conference call and agree that its time to let it known that that La Mesa Customs is up and running. So they leave an ad online advertising the place and also calling their contacts to pass it around as well.

La Mesa Customs

Now open for


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20th Jun 2014

Stock Taking

Jay was sitting in his office talking to Jimmy, discussing what they had in stock and what they need.

Jimmy, is it that bad, we dont have much stored in here?

Yeah boss, there was plans to stock up but it never happened.

Ok, thats the first order of business, we need to get tools, equipment and parts.

Oh Boss, there was a guy here earlier, he was looking for some work, think he is a Muscle, ooh whats his name.... oh yes TheLichOfStygia was his name.

Oh Lich, he's good, will give him a call.


Jay gets his mobile out and looks through his contacts, ah theres his friend.

Lich hi, its Jay. Jimmy said you were in looking for work?

Hi Mr Jay, yes, have you got something needing done?

As it happens Lich, an important job has come up and I know your the man to deal with it.

Oh great, whats the job?

I would like you and maybe a couple of colleagues to go out and scout out something. We need tools, equipment and parts to stock up the garage and get ready for service. So scout around for a place that can get all this, take some pics and come back here and we can see what you have come up with and hopefully we can complete the job.

Thanks boss, will go do that and will call when the scoutings complete.

Jay pours himself a whiskey and gets back to talking shop with Jimmy

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20th Jun 2014

Lich walks into the parts shop a few hours later and places a hefty manilla envelope on Mr Phoenix's desk with a polite smile. He steps back and gives a nod at the papers contained within it.

"The job is done, boss. I hope you like them. Myself and Tank handled this one for you."

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"A wise old owl lived in an oak, the more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Let us all be like that wise old bird." -Traditional Nursery Rhyme "I'll shoot the shit out of you!" -Mikey "The Lich" Cipriani (PSN id: TheLichOfStygia - Rockstar Social Club: Th3LichOfStygia)

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24th Jun 2014

Money Run

Phoenix was on her way to the office when Jimmy called.

'Mrs P, the car order business is going great, the family has delivered 14 cars lately.'

'Really, that much, ok will be in to collect it.'

'No probs boss, see you soon'

Phoenix arrives at La mesa Customs and on the way to the office, says hi to Jimmy.

Jimmy shouts up 'The moneys in the safe boss'

Mrs P walks over to the hidden safe and opens it and looks at the 140k there....

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19th Jul 2014

Past Payments

Jay had been out of LS for 2 or 3 weeks doing Mercanti business in Europe, sorting out suppliers, contacts and other things for the family and arrived back at La mesa to find that things have changed and for the good.

The only thing that was outstanding was some payments to members for work done.

C De Santa = 6 cars sold so $6000 sent to his account.

Mike "Lich" Cipriati = 2 or 3 jobs $7000 sent to his account.

It was a flying visit as he had to leave soon to go back to Europe but left a message in the garage and with his mechanic that said:

I will be out of the country for a while but if you want me, message me and my mechanic will pass them on and I will get back to you.

Mr P Jay

With that done, Jay hopped into his Bifta and popped into the Unicorn to see the Don and discuss the European side of the family and to plan some extreme flying when he got back. After a few drinks they said their goodbyes then Jay reached the Airport and waited for his flight to Italy then Scotland. 

Thinking to himself 'things are looking good for exporting from LS to Europe and vice versa, just a few things to iron out. its nice to be back in LS but will be better when im back for good'

Jays flight leaves and he watches from the window the sight of LS in the evening, this has to be done but, Phoenix Jay will be back, refreshed and hungrier than ever.....

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