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10th Mar 2014

Eagle [X]


*You arrive uptown and enter the front gates of the Pink Cage. You are about to park your vehicle but you remember hearing that you dont want to park in the wrong place around here. You reverse out and park on the street curb nearby. You re-enter the front of the Pink Cage and meet the contact.*

"Yeah smart move you were about to park in Eagles space, your obviously a man of respect, thats why we called you down. This place we are at now is hot property. This was the first establishment that the Family purchased in Los Xantos. This is where the expansion started and is a hive of activity. The main Mercanti Member in this part of town is Mr Soprano. He is taking care of business while Honoured Mercanti Mademan Mr Eagle is in Bolingbrook Pen. Richie Soprano is also a Mademan for the Family and operates out of this very building. Speak to him if you get the chance and he might even take you under his wing, if he thinks you have what it takes."

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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11th Mar 2014

Bad Swat Team Mission.[X]

Things had been going particularly well as of late for the family. Their presence had been felt across the cities and new associates were lining up around the block to work with The Mercanti's. Eagle sat in his office smoking a Stogie on the phone with The Don in LS

"I know it's fucking brilliant ain't it? There is nobody that stands in our way."

*......................................* [We can't make out what was said here]

"Ya, I'll take note and get back to you boss, things are looking up. You too boss. Ciao."

There was a knock at the door. It was Joey.

"Joey my man, things are lookin good for us brother. Whats the word."

"A bunch of the new guys are parked outside, they're a little rough around the edges and don't really know how our business works. Feel like goin on a drive to show em the ropes."

"Well I guess someone has too, might as well be us. Lets hit it. 

With that the crew jumped into some cars and went off to find a drug deal to execute. Start with the basics. After we bought some street weed or coke, then we'd move on to the whores. The crew rolled down to Grove St, lookin for some tree to pick up. Eagle pulled up and got out, and the boys watched on intently. He approached a Balla on the corner and asked if he was holding. 

Now what happened next  and why it happened is unclear. As Eagle approached about making a deal the Balla panicked a pulled a handgun. The Mercanti's bail after someone puts the gangsta down. Eagle took a bullet to the shoulder but it merely grazed him. After a panicked 5 mintues the crew meets back up in the LS river not far from HQ.

"What the fuck was that shit?!?! I show up to do legitimate business and these fuckin ignorant punks pull a 9 on me? They should know not to fuck with the family, especially with the way our boys are turning over LS."

"You think that's why they reacted like that? In response to our boys attackin them back in LS?"

"No fuck that, that's reckless. Also this was too panicked, maybe our numbers threw him. Still though, fuck. This is completely intolerable. We need to respond, within 24 hours......."

"Slim you remember when we hit em with the C4 last month, the bad cop stunt? We're doin' the same but bigger. We need SUV's and Tactical gear. This will serve 2 purposes. Response for their idiocy, and we might get lucky and get some word on Mike's murder." 

"Alright so we need SUV's and tactical gear, how the fuck are we.... never mind. We're gonna steal them right? You and your fuckin' plans. Inform us of the details then. 

"Alright, first off; everyone in plain street clothes, and steal 3 vehicles. 2 black SUV's and a sports car. Smokey and I will tear up the free way to the airfield where we will abandon the car. On our way we'll raise as much as hell as possible and get a chase going. You all follow in the black SUV's from a good distance. When we bail on foot, so will the Cops. When they do, you get in and make a clean get away. From there we will launch our assault. Got it? Good!

Later that night 2 dark SUV's and a yellow buffalo left the Pink Cage motel and headed North West up the freeway. Soon there after explosions and gunfire erupted up the freeway and sirens could be heard racing that way.

What Happened.

Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Pink Cage Motel (X)
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