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"How Prison Works.." (Info)
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21st Feb 2014

If you recieve a PM saying that you have been arrested and to check in at the Prison, you come here and reply in "Prison 101". You will have been given a sentence E.g. 1 Day. and a Reason why you are arrested.

During your Sentence you must follow this guide:

  1. You cannot enter Los Santos in a Server with Mercanti Members.
  2. You cannot participate in 'Family Business'.
  3. You cannot Post in any thread, other than Bolingbrok Penitentiary.
  4. You must organize to be picked up from the in-game Prison by a Mercanti Member, not before your sentence is finished. For this you must be wearing a "Prison Outfit" of some kind.

Reasons for getting arrested:

  1. You have been drawing too much Heat to the Family. I.e. killing Police or bringing them back to Mercanti Establishments. This is not good.
  2. You have done a piece of 'Family Business' that was large or the target so important that the Investigators had received the resources to make a good case against you.
  3. You have been asked to take the fall for a superior and you agreed to confess to the crime.
  4. You finally got caught for something and know its part of the risk of operating in the Rackets.
  5. You are unable to go Online for a length of time, e.g. Moving or Studying for Exams etc.. In which case message me.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Prisoner Intake & Information
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