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11th May 2014

Title: Trucking Scabs 
Racket: Unions
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Hey, bitches. No, sit down. I'm talking to the girls who work here. Now, i've just gotten back from the local longshoremen union meeting in the docks. As you know, we have been putting a bit of pressure on the local longshoremen to vote for our candidate. Most of the time this has taken the form of a broken bottle upside the face. Anyway, this seems to be working pretty well, because our guy got up for another term. 

However, this is not the end of our problems. I found out today that the shipyard is employing non-union truck drivers. I caught one of these scabs red-handed as he was arriving for work and got his photo. 

Now, i don't need to remind you that if the shipyard ain't employing union truck drivers, then the truck driver's ain't making contributions to the pension fund. No contributions to the pension fund means the family is getting stiffed outta what we deserve. 
Now, i'm employed for my brains as well as my looks, so i have thought of a solution for this problem. 

Get a crew together, go down to the docks and find yourself a truck. It could be a trailer truck or a cement mixer- they are both employed by the same company. Relieve the non-union driver of his truck. Once you have the truck, all you have to do is make it look like some non-union bum scab has been driving it. Maybe run over a few longshoremen and drive it into the bay. What you do with the driver is up to you- you could always stab him to death, but i like the idea of him trying to explain to his manager how his truck ended up under ten feet of seawater. Once a few trucks end up on the sea-bed, hopefully management should see how employing a fully unionised workforce can be GOOD for business.

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