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11th May 2014

Re-Educating Nico Caprese Crew: 2+ Racket: Stock Fraud  Equipment: Cargobob, Golf Pleats, and 511 Union Card

Alrighty, guys. As you know, we have been putting some pressure on the unions lately. The good news is that all of your hard work checking the union cards of longshoremen and truck drivers has paid off. Our candidate was elected at the latest meeting, and our access to the pension fund continues. All is well.  One particularly useful deal i have been able to cut with the dock workers is access to the merryweather storage facility on Elysian Island. This means that we can get through the gates guarding the cargobob if we show our 511 union cards. Remember that all made Mercanti members are officially union pipelayers and have no-show jobs on the books. This opens up a world of possibility, and gives me a brilliant idea on how to deal with one persistant thorn in our side.  Recently, ThadeRose and Ace have been dabbling in some high-end business. This is not really my area- i look after the unions. If i can't turn up to work in sweatpants and have a few pints of vodka at lunch, then it's not the job for me. Ace and Rose were trying to establish a pump-and-dump stock ripoff with the aid of a trader called Nico Caprese. You might recognise him from the club- he is into cocaine and titties (who isn't!). Anyway, Nico has been taking a bigger slice of the pie than he should be. He's trying to conceal his extra profits by lying to us about the stock dividends. I didn't know what any of those words meant until ace explained them to me.  Needless to say, this won't fly. Now, we need this guy alive but we also need to send him a clear message. Nico has just bought himself a brand-new sportscar with the profits of his theft. He likes to drive it down to the golf club in Richman every weekend to practice his swing.  Considering we now have access to the CargoBob, i suggest we abduct and re-decorate his new car. Pick it up from the parking lot outside the golf club. We'll try and get his membership revoked, too. Feel free to practice your boxing on any members you see wandering past. Take the car to the mod shop and get a nice big mercanti logo sprayed on the hood so he knows who is responsible.  Pick it up in the cargobob and fly it over to his house in Vinewood hills. It's the biggest in town- you won't miss it. Drop the car from a great height on his lawn. I want it to bounce at least twice. If you feel like landing and giving it a working-over with a golf club, that's fine too. Before you leave, set it on fire.  This should remind Caprese that he shouldn't steal what we were supposed to steal. That's theft! I think...  Here is a map so you knuckleheads know where to go. I'll be at the bar .">http://themercantifamily. ...]

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