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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
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11th May 2014

Title: Discount Tugjobs 
Crew: 1+
Racket: Prostitution 
Alrighty guys, take a seat. 
*The consigliere retrives a bottle coated in a brown paper bag from his jacket and starts drinking*
I was talking to Destiny, and it looks like we have another problem with scabs. Now, as you know we have a very strict no-touching policy at the unicorn for customers who bring less than $80 with them. We are a classy establishment, and since the pest controller was here i haven't seen a single quokka anywhere in the place. Anyway, the Ho's union sets the price of a handjob at a minimum of $30. We charge $35, but apparently the knuckleheads on grove street have been pimping out a collection of their gap-toothed second cousins down the street from the unicorn. These pockmarked bitches are charging a maximum of $10 for an over-the pants special behind the nearest dumpster. Our customers are coming here to get a discount warm-up and then going down the street for a cut-price service. Needless to say, this isn't good for anybody. The CrackHo pension fund does not receive any top-ups this way. 

In order to teach these nasty bitches a lesson, i suggest we remind them not to streetwalk on our part of town. The girls will be fully aware of the conflict between our two orginisations and are very unlikely to get in a car with a bunch of mercanti hoodlums. Take a group, but have everyone in their own vehicle. Pick up one of the crusty bitches from the corner opposite the convenience store nearest to grove street. They're only out there after the sun goes down. 

Now, once you've got here, what you do with her is... ahem. 
*Xplosm takes another swig from his bottle* 
All that really matters is that you takea photo of her remains for our facebook page. We need to show the world that discount handjobs and political correctness are not part of the Mercanti business plan.

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