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JOB- Cocaine Seizure
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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
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11th May 2014

Title: Cocaine Seizure
Racket: Drugs
Crew: 3+ 
Alright guys, take a seat. I've been running this cab company for a few months now and business is going fairly well. The only thorn in our side is those inbred hillbillies that insist on occupying the clubhouse across the street. That's right, the Lost. Now, we've been putting a little pressure on them lately, but they are refusing to fold. The other day, a local contact told me that they were thinking about getting into the cocaine game with the cartel. Needless to say, they are both established Mercanti enemies and we don't need them teaming up. 

The word is that they are frequently transporting packages of cocaine in from the north. We don't know exactly where it's coming from, but we do have a good idea of where it is ending up. I was thinking that we should intercept it at the destination rather than the source. Now, a car loaded with coke is hardly going to stop for us just because we ask nicely. The war between the Mercanti and the lost is very hot at the moment, so we will need to get creative here. What we need is a couple of FIB SUVs. How we get these is fairly simple. 

One person needs to make a ruckus. A big ruckus. A big sticky-bomb petrol-fuelled murderous ruckus. Enough to attract the FIB. Two people should be nearby, waiting for them to arrive. The two who are waiting should keep quiet until the vehicles they need are in sight. When they are, they need to steal them. Once the two SUVs are stolen, everybody needs to lose the heat. In a pinch, you could grab a regular cop car but considering how corrupt the LSPD is these days that would not be ideal. 

Once you've got the vehicles, dress up like secret agents. Black slacks, mirror shades, white shirts, black ties. Get those black bulletproof vests on too. You know the type. You're set. What we will do next is head up to the street outside the Lost compound. We will need to block it off at both ends. Flash your lights and badges, and start searching cars. Be careful- there is a good likelihood that the Lost will fight back. We don't know what car they are using, so check everyone. Apparently the courier is bald- keep searching until you find him. 

Once you've got the package, i want you to check the compound for any more product. Knowing those knuckleheads, they will be sitting right on top of it. In particular, there is a red shipping container just inside the compound that looks suspicious. There is a good likelihood that this part will get violent, so be ready. Once you've checked both locations, it's time to split. Take the FIB SUVs and dispose of them. They'll be covered in prints and DNA so make sure they get burned properly. 

For the moment, the cab company is way too close to the lost to store the coke. Drop it off at Hornbills. The manager will use her distribution networks to get rid of it in no time. 

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