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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Honoured Mercanti
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11th May 2014

*You approach the downtown cab co. The neon tubes of the light-up sign have been shot out by the nearby Lost MC. Glass crunches underfoot and you can hear their heavy-metal music grinding away softly in the distance. They are near enough to smell.* 
*You find XP behind his chaotic desk. The place stinks, and he looks terrible. He has pale skin, red eyes and a sheen of cold sweat. He looks like he has been up for days, and every few seconds he takes a swig from a bottle inside his jacket. He looks like he slept in his clothes, and smells like it too. There are a few others sitting around the cramped room with him* 
"Good. Get in here. Close the door. Don't mind the smell- you'll get used to it after a while. I need to talk to you. You guys have already done some work for me. Beaten up a few scabs, delivered a few stolen cars to the scrapyard. Dealt a little dope, maybe. I need to talk to you about some ongoing work. I'm looking to put together a crew. Something regular." 
"As you knuckleheads should know, i'm the consigliere of this family. This means that i have the don's ear and plenty of pull in getting the right people up the ranks. Get on my good side, and there might be a bright future for you in our little criminal enterprise. "
"I need a good group of guys to take care of both big and small stuff. In particular, i'll be looking to get after those lost MC assholes across the street. They shot my fucking sign. I need some eyes and ears on the street. Basically, if you want in you're gonna need to prove yourself. Just leave your name down the bottom here, and why you think you would be suitable for the Downtown Greasers. If you're lucky enough to get the job, you automatically get union membership for life and a fat pension when you reach the official retirement age of 89." 
*XP looks at you with his bloodshot eyes. Outside, a siren wails by. This is a bad neighborhood, and the man staring at you might be the nastiest person in it. He is powerful, though. Getting in with the downtown greasers could be excellent for your career* 

Ms Adelaide

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Joined: 14th Mar 2014
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11th May 2014

I looked to the expression of the face from Xplosmo. He was looking to me in a way that nobody would do if they didn't knew me, he was looking in a trusted way to me. His expression would say that we could achieve alot of wonderfull and nice things in Los Santos.

His desk and headquaters where just terrible, I looked around me, the place was filthy and gross. I smelled something funky, something what was rotten. There was boxes of pizza, and beer around the place. I could see that he had alot of problems cleaning up his place. I wanted to help him, his face said that he needed my help. If I would become a member of his little group, I would start cleaning up his desk and headquaters. It might be handy for the others to get in a fresh, and clean office which was smelling good.

I slowly standed up, and I started talking to Xplosmo.

I have been a member of the family for a long time, and I heard your name alot in the family. You are a wise person, and you are feared and respected. I think that I can learn alot of things, and that we can achieve alot of things in our partnership. I would love to help you with your big organisation here.

Xplosmo laughed, and he smiled to me in a good way. I slowly started to shake my hand with his.

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Joined: 18th Apr 2014
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12th May 2014

RE7 Lynx: Experienced GTA Thug, about level 60, nice cars, good looks, looking for work. Willing to do dirty jobs in the name of the Greasers. Merc. Family member.
Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Honoured Mercanti
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13th May 2014

*XP emerges form behind the hood of a beat-up cab. He is shirtless and caked with filthy grease. A limp cigarette hang from his mouth.*
Okay fellas, thanks for coming down. Since you're new to the family, i don't know if i can make you an official greaser just yet. Here's the deal. See that bald asshole in the sunglasses over the street? Do me a favour- go show him the blunt end of a golf club. Or a carbomb. Whatever- just take a few photos and bring them back here. We need to know you can swing a bat. Grunt and Lynx- i expect a bit of violence to demonstrate that you are the sort of person i am looking for. Bring the Imagr back here when you're done. We'll see about getting you in the greasers after that.
*XP returns to fixing the cab after producing an eye-watering fart. Clutching your nose, you step out into the fresh air.*

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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Honoured Mercanti
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17th May 2014

*XP strolls out of the office with no shirt on and another limp cigarette hanging from his mouth. He has what looks like a home-made tattoo of the Mercanti logo on his chest. After nodding to Ms Adelaide, he takes a swig from the half-empty beer bottle in his right hand. As he drinks, you notice a cigarette butt in the liquid. It dosen't seem to bother him*
"Thanks for coming by. I can see you've met Adelaide. She may be pretty, but i'd be careful with her. I saw her gouge a broken bottle into some hobo's face a few nights ago. This little filly has a temper.
*Adelaide shoots XP a murderous look. He smiles and swallows.*
"uh... luckily the Mercantis are an equal opportunity employer. We're glad to have a lady greaser. Anyway, to business. We need some airbags. Apparently, we can sell them for two hundred a pop to the Koreans. Considering you're new to the family, this could be a good place to start. I'm in need of a couple of SUVs and sports-cars. Don't worry about the model, because the airbags are all the same. Richman or Vespucci would be a good place to start looking. Just bring them to the cab stand (right on the arm-wrestling logo in vinewood) and take a photo. We'll chop out the airbags and sell them on to innocent soccer moms sans safety features. I don't see any moral issues with doing this. Just make sure you don't get followed. Have fun.
*XP wanders back into his stinking office. You hear sirens and heavy metal in the distance, and wonder how you got involved with this demented maniac*

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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Honoured Mercanti
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19th May 2014

*You wander into the cabstand at around nine on a monday night. Outside, a gap-toothed ho leers at you and blasts you with nasty breath. You find XP in his office, attached to the end of an enormous bong. He has a savage black eye and there is a small pile of what looks like meth on his desk. When he sees you he immediately leaps for a handgun and before you know it you are at gunpoint.*
WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHO SENT YOU? Fucking greasy cocksucker, you think i'm not ready to murder someone?
*You explain yourself*
DickEarthquake? What sort of fucking name is that? Alright, take it easy. I thought you were one of those Lost MC cocksuckers. They're working with the Devil, y'know? Just cut a deal with him. They gotta supply human souls to him. Thirty a week. I can tell by their devil tails. They think I can't see them! I CAN SEE 'EM! I CAN SEE, MOTHERFUCKERS!
*XP lets a few rounds off into the roof. After a while, he seems to calm down.*
Shit, sorry. Fuck. I haven't slept in a while. Woooah. Maybe i shouldn't have eaten all that acid. Listen. You done some work with Kobra, right? He's OK. You're OK. Alrighty, I got some work for you. Fucking union shit. The goddamn truck companies are employing cash-in hand dominicans off the books. Go down and sort them out. There are more details here:
http://themercantifamily. ... b-trucking-scabs-jc2
When you're done, bring the Imagr back here. And leave it in the thread.
Fuck. You got any Xanax? Pick up some Xanax on the way back. Yeah.
*You leave as XP starts to scratch himself with increasing urgency. Maybe coming here was a mistake...*

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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Honoured Mercanti
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21st May 2014

*Dick's phone rings in the middle of the night. It is XP. He orders you to come to the can stand immediately. You find him our the front, smoking. He is sober, and very angry.*
"Here he is. Listen to me, you cocksucker. You just ruined my day. I got a call from the union rep down at the docks. What the fuck did you guys get up to down there? They had to hire a goddamn crime scene cleaner. You think the city's gonna pay for that shit?"
*He glares at you for a moment as if he is deciding what to do with you.*
"I never said for you to kill every motherfucker you see. I might get fucked up every now and then, but even i'm not dumb enough for that shit. Listen to me. If you want any chance of getting in with this crew, I suggest you take a gift of apology down to the union office. Go jack a couple of sportscars. Two, minimum. Repaint them and change the plates. Take them down to the union office. You bring me some photos of that shit, and we'll see about the greasers. Be more careful this time.
*XP glowers at you and smokes as he waits for you to leave. For some reason, he is even more frightening when he is sober."

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Joined: 2nd Sep 2014
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5th Jul 2014

The names Demon-X-Shadow, call me Antonio. I have been here and there, I've done alot of jobs to do with Cartels and meth. My main skills are: Shooting, being discreet and silent, piloting. You can call me a hitman, I do jobs like cleaning up after somebodies "mess", Taking out targets and trafficing drugs. I would be a great asset to the Downtown Greasers.

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All I do is look back now... Where do I go?

Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Downtown Cab Co.
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