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Racket: "Scrapyard Scam"
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Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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25th Mar 2014

The "Scrapyard Scam" Racket

Current Operator:

La Puerta
Territory: La Puerta

Racket Activities:

***Smuggling - Import
**Chop Shop
**Evidence Disposal
**Drug Distribution - Sales

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Joined: 1st Feb 2014
Rank: Don
Likes 2264
25th Mar 2014

Racket Activities:

***Smuggling - Import

RP Impromptu "Family Business"

**Chop Shop

RP Impromptu "Family Business"

**Evidence Disposal

RP Impromptu "Family Business"

**Drug Distribution - Sales

Drug Dealing - Advanced

Racket: Drug Distribution.
Crew: 3+
Info: You have picked up an official Bag of Coke from Location C, Listed on a "Connect" thread. If you die and this Backpack is lost, it is gone and you cannot re-enable it. In any case now you wish to sell it.
Equipment: Backpack (Parachute), Weapon.
Plan: You will need to organize two other members to join you. Each of you will have a role in making sure this is sold without being too obvious. Do not wear anything too fancy or noticeable. You don't want to stand out. Go to an area in town that is suitable, be smart in where you decide to sell your product, as this may become YOUR corner, who knows... OK you have found your spot. Your goal is to sell the Bag of 100g. However you will be selling it in 10g Packages, each called a Stick. There are ten Sticks in a Bag.

Bag Man: One member stays off the street maybe in an alley way or somewhere not visible from the streets. note the exits in case something happens. This member must have the Bag (Parachute/Backpack) equipped. Backpacks CAN be passed by standing next to each other and "swapping". Bag man Must keep track of sales.

Money Man: This is the guy who will be initiating business. He will be standing out there on the street gauging peoples interest as they walk past. When a civilian approaches on the pathway, the Money Man should start walking side by side with this Civ. Maybe letting them know the great deal they could be getting, and how our shit is the best in town etc.. if the Civ agrees (RP) tell them to keep walking and your man will bring the product. take the money (but never bump them, touch or alter their course) and give the "signal" to your Runner.

Runner: Your job is to hang back, but in sight of the Money Man. You will see him walking next to civilians. If you see him perform the Action "Bro Love" this is the "signal" that the customer has agreed and paid for the Stick. Now your job is to get to the Bag man, and receive a Stick from him, 10g. Walk back out and find the Civilian. walk next to them for a moment and then perform the Action "Bro Love" to give them the Product. Do not trouble them. We will lose a good business reputation if they buy from us then come up dead or beaten. Once the Runner has given them the Stick, the Money Man should go to the Bag man and hand them the money, so that 95% of the time, the Money Man and the Runner are not holding anything incriminating. then rinse and repeat. If you see a police vehicle at any point... Make sure that the Bag man escapes. even if the Police car is just passing by. Get the bag man out of there, Money Man and Runner stay cool.. Each sale the team makes (for the sake of ease as apposed to realism) is 10g. So ten sales and the Bag is finished. Now the bag contains Money. Take that money Backpack to Location C as detailed by the "Connect" thread, All 3 Members will receive their cut. Add a Comment including the number of Bags left in the Comment before you, -1 of course. Also add a simple journal with at least three snapmatics of you dealing the Bag with your crew. One at Picking up, one at Dealing, One at drop off. Do it right and enjoy the whole process, take your time.


Rival Mafia

Crew: 1+
Whack: Rival Mafia Members in suits standing in groups of 2.
Info: there are other Mafia Crews who claim business in Los Santos, some we are close to others not so much.
Equipment: Getaway Vehicle, Weapon, Gasoline or Sticky Bomb.
Plan: If you are driving around in a not so wealthy neighborhood and you spot two suited men standing and talking with each other, it means you have stumbled across two rival Mobsters. If its possible for you to do so Whack these two on the spot and high tail it out of there, avoid the cops at all costs and destroy the Getaway Vehicle if there were ANY witnesses.. if it happened while you were in a Modded Crew car, then destroy it and call your insurance and tell them your vehicle was stolen an hour ago by some "hoods"

Hit & Run

Crew: 2+
Whack: Targeting highest ranked Online Player.
Info: Take a look at the players in your server, choose the highest ranked player outside the Family. This person is the Target. They are a Rival Mafia Mademan and must be killed quickly and without getting drawn into a firefight.
Target: Highest ranked Online player in your server.
Equipment: Vehicle, Weapon and ideally Lester's ability to remove blip from radar.
Plan: work together with your Crew to plan the Hit. There are infininite ways to approach this Whack but make sure it is done smoothly and without any Crew members dying. Use Lester's ability if possible and get right up close.. maybe draw them into a trap, the options are endless get creative. The Hit is successful if you kill the Rival Mademan and get away to safety.

Store Protection By Glarke

Crew: +2
Info: If you see two suspicious looking people standing and talking outside a Store e.g. Gas Staion or Liquor store and you think they are planning to rob the place.. deal with it, as we collect money through our Extortion Rackets and cant have others robbing these places.
Weapon, Getaway Car.
Make sure your car is not in sight of the two would be robbers. get out. One of you get setup about a half a block away rom the two targets.. the other Member will come up to them say something, then aim a gun at them.. This member must do it in a direction that forces the two would be Robbers down a specific direction.. towards the other Mercanti, who will kill these two, away from the Stores CCTV cameras. take a before and after photo so we can see that they were planning on robbing it, and the location of where they were killed.. Down an alleyway would be perfect.

Traffic Stop

Crew: 2+
Whack: Rival
Info: You are driving along with the Crew when you spot who you think is a Rival Enforcer driving a car up ahead, You tail them till they stop at a redlight and you make yuor move.
Equipment: Vehicle (Ideally Getaway Vehicle)
Plan: If you see a Black Sedan you can announce that it "looks like Joey 'Two Toes' Sabatino" or whoever you like it to be. If the Ranking Member in the Vehicle gives the Greenlight, Tail the vehicle, do not ram it do not block it. when it stops at a redlight, at least one person gets out and sneaks up on the car from the side and shoots to kill. However dont forget this is a street wise Enforcer most likely and wont just sit their while you take aim so the best Free-Aim shooters will need to make the Hit. If he manages to escape before the Shots hit their mark, the driver must follow him and is now allowed to use his car to ram or block.. this is desperate measures and may result in Jail Time as it will be a wild chase. Alternatively, you could let him go and call the Hit a Failure. If you successfully kill the Enforcer, one member should jump in his car (pretending that he did not just throw the guy onto the street) then take the body and the both the cars to be disposed of.


Crew: 2+
Whack: Payback
Info: You decide to do some payback for some crimes committed against the Family. Gangland Style.
Equipment: Stolen Black Baller. Black clothing
Plan: Decide the Target first, maybe its a Street Gang or a Security Guard, up to you. Take a Crew vehicle and get into Black street clothing. Then search around together till you see a Black Baller, ideally in a Carpark however you can Jack one, but change the License Plate at a Chop Shop if so. Whoever was driving the Crew Car should hide it in a good place. Now you are ready head towards your target as a group in the Black Baller. Driver should not drive to fast, and the shooters should lock


RP Impromptu "Family Business"

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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4th Apr 2014


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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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19th Apr 2014

Sales Run #1
1 bag (10 sticks sold)

The shipment of coke arrived at my HQ and we got to work as quick as possible. To minimize the risks of cops, we chose multiple locations and never stayed there longer than 3 sales each. With the recent hits involving Fingers and a few other guys on the LX side, Alphonso makes a trip down to LS to help with the family business and take his mind off of things that have unfolded.

The crew: Ace, Special, Camron, Alphonso, and Adelaide

Location 1: Downtown Vinewood
"The first location was downtown vinewood. A good mixture of coffee drinking hipsters with cocaine habits and street urchins that made their ways into the alleyways of this location. Special and I got there around noon and setup shop in a parking lot with buyers waltzing through an alleyway around back. The sales were broken up to deal with the junkies first and then the middle class hipsters."

Location 2: Movie Theatre near DT Vinewood
"With the junkies out of the way, we drove on out of the lot as the sun went down. At this time of the night, theatrical plays and auditions happen. Lots of butthurt writers, addicts, and sissy-boys looking for a quick fix to drown out the shitty lives they have to deal with day to day. We could help with that in a normal manner but then again, interventions don't exactly get you paid."

Location 3: Golf Club
"The next tier of douchebags were up in the hills; my favourite part of town. These are the type of guys that would shit their pants if they got anywhere close to Grove street. All that money don't make up for the lack of balls. From investors to insurance tyrants, we made our sales quite easy in this location. They pay off the cops so we have nothing to worry about when doing business over here."

Location 4: The LS University
"Ahh, my favourite type of fuck ups. The adderall and ritalin hyped up student body of this fine establishment stand testament to what "young and dumb" is. We've all been there, at least now I won't be throwing money down the drain for drugs but instead quite the opposite. 

"Once we finished our sales, we brought the cars back to my scrapyard for dismantling and clean up. A part of me died inside when I had to make waste of those beautiful cars but I'm sure the owners of whoever the fuck we jacked them off are in more tears than I am."

Cocaína, por favor

I operate by Hammurabi's law: an eye for an eye.

PSN: d-_-bFr3sh

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