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*You head down towards La Puerta. You were told to go to the Scrapyard. You have heard how important this place is to the Family. As you pull up your surprised by how large the place is. You are checked at the gate and ushered through. You park inside, out of sight from the road. There is some activity going on and someone approaches you*

"Alright your in the thick of things now, This is a busy place so lets be quick about it"

*You follow him to the Portable Office*

"There is a lot of work for you. We run a Scrapyard scam among other things from here. Always keep an eye out for the Armenians though as this is contested territory. Mr Moretti runs his operation from here. He is a Capo for the Family and the guy to impress around these parts. Speak to him if you get the chance and he might even take you under his wing, if he thinks you have what it takes."

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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4th Apr 2014

I am the punishment of God
Ace looks out past blinds of his window as the lights from the city peer into the room. He gently leans back on the edge of the desk, bracing his body with his hands in a relaxed manner. The room is dark.
The city is beautiful. It’s a cold night, sirens are a constant audible reminder of things that go on in this city. A cohiba is lit. It’s aroma fills the room and into the lungs of the attendees. Ace turns around and inhales deeply; A desk lamp is turned on.
“Welcome, gents. Do you know what I love about Genghis Khan? If he saw something, he took it. No questions asked. His balls were so fuckin’ big like that, history remembers him in that mentality. He didn’t just give orders, he fought alongside his men and didn’t give a fuck about discretion. I like to think of myself as a modern day Genghis Khan.”

“Respect, initiative, teamwork. I hold those words close to me and so should you. I run this part of town, this includes the scrapyard and the helipad. The main source of income is the scrapyard. On my end of things, I run the import side of smuggling, a chop shop, evidence disposal, drug sales, enforcement, and fence jobs. Occasionally, I’ll require vehicles and ask people who I see fit to carry out the task as well.”

 "Although I value the work from anyone who takes the initiative, I want a few guys to stick close to me as a personal street crew, be my eyes and ears when I'm away on business trips. More information on that soon, for now I'd like to see some work getting done.
That's all for now, I expect utmost care when carrying out any jobs. Keep it clean, professional, and dispose of evidence properly. See this for information on evidence disposal. This will apply to any other jobs given to you by other mademen and the Don himself where evidence disposal is needed."


I operate by Hammurabi's law: an eye for an eye.

PSN: d-_-bFr3sh

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The Scrapyard
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