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21st Feb 2014

First off, Welcome to the Xbox side of the Mercanti Family. As we are not the Primary side of the Family, It is important that we are able to communicate fluidly with the Don and the PS3 side of the family. As the current highest ranking member of the Xbox family, I will be acting as the intermediary with the PS3 side of the family. You will report to me, and I will report my superiors. In the even that I get out ranked, this duty will fall to the new highest ranking member. 

Report your business as you normally would in their appropriate threads, however feel free to also post them here. This thread will act mostly as place where our members can meet and plan jobs together, as well as spit ball idea's and generally form relationships that will be key to our growth. Welcome to the family. 

Now lets get to work.

Respect. Initiative. Teamwork.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The Pawn Shop
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