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"We have been expecting you.." (1st Read)
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11th Feb 2014


*You head down towards Vespucci Beach. You were told to go to a Restaurant called Al Dente's. You pull into the fairly well hidden Carpark behind it, park, and make your way to the front. No sooner have you stepped in side you are greeted by a friendly face*

"Hey we have been expecting you! alright follow me."

*The man takes you to a corner table and you both take a seat*

"Alright so we asked you to come down here because we have some work for you. if you dont mind getting your hands dirty.. haha who am i kidding i heard how you handled your self with that thing on Grove St.. Anyway Vespucci is a land of opportunity right now if your 'in' with the Mercanti's. There is a healthy beach front retail strip which we earn money from, there are Escorts and loan sharking operations going on too.. The main Mercanti Member in this part of town is Mr "Rec" Gastoeter He is a Mademan in the Family and operates out of this very restaurant. Speak to him if you get the chance and he might even take you under his wing, if he thinks you have what it takes."

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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22nd Mar 2014


Al Dente's
You park your car close the Al Dente's, on the petty parking lot just around the corner. As you close the driver's door you behold the sunrays reflecting on the shiny roof of your car. After several seconds of admiring the beautiful weather here in Vespucci, you turn around and head towards the entrance of a magnificent, italian restaurant called Al Dente's. You open the sash door and take a volatile look around. 

Behind the bar is a young, gorgeous lady. You walk up to her and ask for the man in charge. She nods at a guy sitting in the far left corner of the restaurant. You look at the man who smokes a cigarette and after a moment of oberserving you look at the barmaid again. Again, she cautiously nods in the direction of the man. You walk towards him. 

"Hello, tell me. Who are you? Don't tell me who you are, tell me why I'd want you to work for me. My name is Gas, on the streets I go by the name of "Rec". I'm always watching, even when I'm not." He stands up and shows his left elbow. The elbow is occupied by a reasonable tattoo of the watching eye. 

You perceive the elbow while the man sits down again. You sit down on the other side of the ligneous table and inform him about yourself. 


Car Park System
The parking lot includes several parking spots. In order to maintain peace and order I would like to inform you about the system that I will use to live up to this. Of course, I will be claiming three parking spots for myself, and two other important people. These spots are displayed as green spaces on an image in the Vespucci album. The remaining parking spots can be used by others. 


So, I guess you're looking for something to do, right? Well, as you know, our Street Crew is part of a bigger organisation, The Mercanti Family. We are involved in several illegal rackets, one of them being drug dealing. Drug dealing consists of a complex system. Our job is to get the stuff from one place to another safely.You look at the man quizzically until he continues his story. Oh, and before you leave: don’t pick up jobs alone or without my permission. I don’t want you to get in trouble and moreover I don’t want to bring any heat to the family. So, if someone asks you to pick up some stuff somewhere, I want you to come to me first. I will give you further orders. Any questions?

"Is drug running the only thing we do out here?"

Not at all, there are a few more rackets that we are involved in, look at the list in the backroom. You’ll see several other things we are involved in. There a few smaller jobs that you can do alone or with another person, but keep in mind: you will never transport stuff alone. Unless your partners die of course.

Vespucci's Valuables
Under Rec's desk is a safe. Nothing to fancy, but there is a safe. Although it looks a bit dusty and all, there is a bit of money inside. This is the money that Al Dente's has earned with the "Vespucci Shakedown". The safe currently contains $27,000.

The List
***Drug - Running
**Debt Collecting
**Vehicle Theft


More information can be found here and here.

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22nd Mar 2014

QuoteCash Clothes
Crew: 2+
Racket: Selling
Info: There is a Binco clothing store which just went out of business. The clothes are really cheap so you can make some decent profit by selling them to the right person.
Equipment: Mule and casual clothes.
Plan: Find a mule and take it to the Binco store, buy as much clothes as possible here and load up the Mule. Take the mule to the Suburban store near the headquarters and sell all the clothes there for a much higher price. Once this is all done, take the money to my headquarters.
QuoteA Sunny Day's Work
Crew: 1+ 
Racket: Extortion
Info: There is a store at the beach that sells very cheap parasols (umbrellas), this is affecting the store of a friend of mine.
Equipment: Any type of melee weapon.
Plan: Visit the beach and take care of all of the people that have a parasol that is not green. Let them know you're not rubbing out any of the green parasol buyers. Next time they'll know where tu buy one. The green parasols indicate that they've hired it from my friend. 
Crew: 1+
Racket: Robbery
Info: Rob a civilian after they use the ATM.
Equipment: Weapon (Pistol/Knife) and a getaway-vehicle.
Plan: If you see a person using the ATM, wait until they’ve taken the money and walk away. Follow them until they are in a somewhat secluded area and rob them.
QuotePay or Pain
Crew: 1+
Racket: Loan Sharking
Info: Some girls in this Motel are not paying up, we can’t allow this because the owner of the Motel pays us protection. Get him his money.
Equipment: Any type of melee weapon, just in case.
Plan: Go to the Motel “Crown Jewels” around the corner of Al Dente’s. If you see any girls up on the balconies have a little talk with them and ask them for the money. If they get mad beat them up but don’t kill them. Otherwise, take the money and put it in the mailboxes under the carport.
QuoteThe Vespucci Street Tax
Crew: 1+
Racket: Protection/Extortion
Info: There are numerous portable retail stands around this area and they all pay us for Protection. However one or two of them have stopped paying us so need to be dealt with.
Equipment: Baseball bat, transport to Vespucci and gasoline.
Plan: Walk up to the guy in front of the store and bump into him. If he gets mad, he's not paying up. React accordingly. If he walks away casually, he paid up.
QuoteHeist Preparation
Crew: 2+
Racket: Vehicle Theft
Info: I'm looking for a particular car and I want you to find it for me. If you find it, bring it to me.
Equipment: Dark clothing (and a flashlight).
Plan: Find a Enus Huntley S for me. Preferably a black one. If you see one, make sure you steal without drawing too much attention.
QuotePossible Jackpot
Crew: 2+
Racket: Robbery
Info: Head towards the desert and find a Mule driving on the highway. Pop it's tires and make it look like an accident.
Equipment: Dark clothing, silenced pistol and a black car with dark window tint.
Plan: Find a Mule driving on the highway. Pop it's tires and push it off the road.

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The Lone Wolf (Banned)
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26th Mar 2014

Truly aMAZEing

A Job given to me by Mr. Gastoeter "Rec"

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12th Apr 2014

Drug Running

After being out of town for a week I arrive at the Los Santos Airport. I turn on my phone and see a bunch of new messages. “Not today.” I say to myself. I open my contacts and call the first number in the list, Adelaide. I tell her to pick me up at the airport, afterwards we got something to take care of.

After several minutes of waiting I see a matte black Oracle heading towards me. I nod towards the car and watch how Adelaide carefully parks the car in the parking spot in front of me. We greet each other while she opens the passenger door for me. I sit down next to her and explain the job while she is driving to Al Dente’s.  Here, we have a meal together and continue our small journey.

We arrive at Prince’s headquarters when Johnny opens the garage door for us. I tell him I’m coming for the stuff and he walks upstairs. Some seconds later he coming back down again and hands me a backpack. I look at him open-eyed. “Is that it?” I ask him while I hear Adelaide softly giggling behind me. “Yeah, didn’t go as planned, Prince told me.

We walk back to Adelaide’s car. The garage door opens again and she drives to the road. “Turn left here, there’s a police station on the right. Don’t want to take any risks.” She turns right and we take a detour towards the Auto Repair, better known as Glarke’s headquarters. “Good thing the Customs is close to the Auto Repair. Saves us a lot of time.

We arrive at the Auto Repair after a few minutes of driving. Adelaide steps out the car, opens the trunk and picks up the backpack. She turns around, knocks on the door. “Who’s there?” Glarke shouts. “No time for jokes Glarke, open the door.” I shout from the passenger’s seat. Moments later the door opens and Adelaide hands Glarke the bag. “Ah, the first bag. Is that it?” Adelaide and I nod at the same time. Glarke closes the door and Adelaide gets back in the car.

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4th May 2014

Trevor sends his regards

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Only the best can kill the rest.

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12th May 2014

Homeless round-up

While jay was driving through Vespucci, he spotted this group of homeless hanging around so he calmly got out of the car, walked towards them and pointed his silenced pistol towards them and they took of like bolt out of the blocks lol.

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12th May 2014

Vespucci Pimping

Jay was driving his Bifta through vespucci one night and noticed the ladies were already out.

He pulls over and he gets his phone out, the ladies were watching to see what he was doing and were disappointed lol and he gave Mr Rec a call..

J: Hi Mr rec, are you needing money collect from the girls tonight?
R: Hey jay, sure go on, drop into Al Dentes and let me know how it went later.
J: No probs Rec.

He hangs up and exits the car.

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22nd May 2014

Ready to serve.

It was 8 o'clock. I was sitting at my desk when I heard a car parking on the parking lot. I sent Christiano to take a look at what's going on. He walks to the door and looks through the small window. 

"Seems like fellow Mercanti's, sir." 
"That must be Joe, open te door."

The door opened and three heads were visible in the door opening. I recognized Joe, Fonzy and Richie. There were also a few bags filled with money, I assumed. Joe picks up one bags and hands it over to Christiano. He turns around and signs Fonzy to get the other bag. He follows the order and also gives a bag to Christiano. I stand up and take a look in one of the bags. They were indeed filled with money.

"Nice one boys, I'll let you know Cass when they have been cooked and ready to serve."
"Thank you Rec, I'm sure you'll remember what we agreed about sharing these?"
"Don't worry, I sure will. Now go on and get back to Los Xantos."

We shook hands and the Xantos crew left the city. Heading back to Los Xantos.

Cooking the tomatoes.

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23rd May 2014

Son of mercanti's

It was early on a wet and thundery day and James made his way to Al Dente's for lunch and to relax.

He knew that the mademan, Gas ran this restaurant in Los Santos, since he had, had lunch there a few times in the last 3 or 4 months, but this is Los Xantos, and the manager here runs it here for him so James wanted to see if it is just as good.

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26th May 2014


Here we are, nine months later. The money that Joe earned in the heist had been succesfully laundered. The family is now $270,000 richer. Joe asked me if I could also split and deliver the money to those who earn a percentage of the profit that was made. In return he gave me a solid ten percent, which equals $27,000. The first family-money dollars that Al Dente's has earned as of right now.

Another ten percent is for The Don. It will be delivered to the Vanilla Unicorn by my assistant, Cristiano. The rest will be transported back to Los Xantos shortly. Here, Joe will be splitting up the money for the rest of the Los Xantos crew.

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28th May 2014

Horse Play

Lich answered his phone, it was a call from a friend of Mr Rec. An involuntary shiver went through the new associate but was it fear or excitement? The new blood couldn't quite tell. He hadn't screwed up had he? Listening to the message he replied with a simple answer, "Understood, it will be done." Then he got onto his custom Nemesis bike and went to work, a bit of time at the beach would do him good and if he could get some ride time on his bike that would do him even better...

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"A wise old owl lived in an oak, the more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Let us all be like that wise old bird." -Traditional Nursery Rhyme "I'll shoot the shit out of you!" -Mikey "The Lich" Cipriani (PSN id: TheLichOfStygia - Rockstar Social Club: Th3LichOfStygia)

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   "The name is Ivory Johnson. Pleased to meet you Gas"
   Ivory took a seat at the opposite side of the table. It was clear that Gas didn't give a fuck who he was or where he came from. What he wanted to hear was why Ivory was so fucking special. Why he should be a part of his crew. So Ivory let it all out,
   "You want me sir, because people tend to embrace my perspectives."
   Ivory took a short break before continuing,
   "It don't matter how much a man owe or how stubborn or unwilling he is to pay or obey. After I get my say in it they allways change their mind. I'd like to think that what I have to offer them is a new, exotic way of putting things that their parochial brains are not used to. I let them see things in different light."
   Ivory smiled,
   "Well, of course, a few times I've been forced to break a leg or twobefore they understand the seriousness and vitality of my perspectives. But you know, some pricks just don't understand and lack reverence for life. What can we do, really?"
   He tried to feel the pitch of the man sitting in front of him. Was he convinced, or did he need more time? Ivory continued,
   "Extorsion, debt collecting, persuasion in all forms. You're talking to the man who invented that shit. If you want it done, just give me the name and the face and then forget about it.
   If you need me to do drug runs or whatever, I'll get it done as good as anyone, however my expertise lies in the transformation of perspective."
   Ivory leaned forward and looked around a bit before speaking with a low vioce,
   "And if you need someone to... go on a permanent vacation, I know the best airline companies. Quiet, clean and without any traces whatsoever."

PSN: Hardreptil

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7th Jul 2014

The Substitute

The first day of being a Capo for the family started of sad. I got a letter telling me that my companion Christiano died in a shootout. Yesterday I told him to pick up a package for me and he probably got ambushed because some idiot though I'd pick up the package myself. So, because I don't like paperwork I need a new assistent. After a fair bit of networking someone tells me about a lady called Sofia de Palma . Her profile fits my needs and her surname matches Vespucci perfectly. I gave her a call and tell her to meet me at Al Dente's.

She arrives and parks her ice white Coquette in the parking lot. We greet each other and walk across the boulevard while discussing business. She tells me she is willing to work for me, so to test her I ask her to get my money from a shopkeeper nearby. She sent me this journal.

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Not even sure what to say here sir, but if you need anything I would ask that you consider Lich in such a situation. -Me

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"A wise old owl lived in an oak, the more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Let us all be like that wise old bird." -Traditional Nursery Rhyme "I'll shoot the shit out of you!" -Mikey "The Lich" Cipriani (PSN id: TheLichOfStygia - Rockstar Social Club: Th3LichOfStygia)

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