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Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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3rd Feb 2014

"Are you really wearing short shorts?"

*Your taken off guard and you turn around to see a few well dressed Hoods eying your Shorts, Mask and Flip Flops*

"alright buddy listen up you got to dress the part, you can dress as a Gangster or a Mobster, there is a lot to choose from and ways to personalize your image but really, short shorts?.. This aint no walk in the park.... get it? huh?"

*The room falls silent*

"yeah that didnt land buddy, but i get what your saying.. what is this Mercanti Style ive been hearing about?"

Crew Gear:  

We Dress up Like Mobsters in suits, or like street hustling gangsters.. we are a 21st Century Mafia Organization so we are in tune with the streets as much as we are with the "old ways". Usually we wear Black with some white or yellow, but explore your options there are a lot of ways to represent. You could reverse it and wear white with some yellow and black highlights, the choice is yours so be creative. We also dress for the occasion. Dark clothing without Badge is good for putting in work as we are harder to identify.

Click here to see a set of photos that might help you come up with some ideas on how to represent your character within the Family.


We tend to try and use the lowest caliber weapon we can for the task at hand.. no need increasing police heat on your Crew by using a grenade to kill two Ballas sharing a joint on the corner.. However when its needed we will use what ever weapons we can get our hands on.

Signature Weapons:


Silenced Pistol

Baseball Bat


The goal is to ride with more than one other Crew member at a time so to facilitate teamwork: Each Crew members should ideally have at least one Black 4-Door Sedan or Coupe in their Garage if possible. We try to use the right car for the right job and you cant beat a 4-door for versatility.

Signature Vehicles:


Bati 801

Signature Picture

I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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13th Mar 2014

the Granger is also a very good vehicle, it holds 8 people and performs decent as well. :-)
Joined: 11th Mar 2014
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20th Mar 2014

I use the Roosevelt when im doing family buisness, but my favorite car to use is the Granger when hanging out with the crew
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