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*You have an issue with this guy from a Street Gang, and you want to know where the Family stands in terms of its relations with other Organizations. So you speak to a few people and manage to get the info you wanted*


Armenian Mafia ... 21_0-51-2-jpeg.1206/

AT WAR: Due to our escalating conflict over the Scrapyard Scam, the Armenians are currently our biggest rival and recently the fighting has been pretty costly. Be on your toes especially when around the Scrapyard it self.

Ballas Street Gang

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic ... aRoQC2ygI7MQw7vyseDQ

HEAVY CONFLICT: Its not safe to drive down Grove St with a Mercanti Patch these days.. although we are not in full war, both groups have been at each others throat. a Full Gang war is not far off if things continue this way.

Grove Street Families

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic ... Dy__u0rdbzD8NbYEnsGJ

UNEASY: There are high tensions between the two groups, albeit without much incident.


https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic ... EcKt7cR7Uwe6BWJctHWg

STABLE: Things were uneasy between us until recently. Members of the Mercanti Family were in a sticky situation. Luckily, the Vagos came through and got rid of the problem for a very reasonable price.

Mara Bunta Grande ... 1_3-19-20-jpeg.1214/

SUSPICIOUS: A few Mercanti Members planned and executed an auto theft on one of their modded cars.. Both MBG members in sight were slain so we believe they have no clue who did it, and the vehicle was repainted and shipped to Europe.

Aztecas ... 1_3-23-38-jpeg.1216/

UNKNOWN: Another well known Street Gang that we have not had any dealings with.

The Lost MC

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic ... 9SYfIGdQHQ6KKINFpjIQ

BUSINESS: We are on good terms with the Lost MC. They are our main supplier of weapons.


https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic ... Zyv4JrzZK0RP6nk-5S6i

STABLE: Our interests rarely conflict. We consider them viable business partners for one or two future Rackets however we don't plan on getting to close to them either.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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