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14th Mar 2016

Here is a place where anyone can type up some info on any history or future history that they think should be preserved.. Just create a new Reply and add whatever. Also, Id like Tim and Marco to use this public place to learn and research the Purge and the order of events etc.. anyone can add to this too etc.

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14th Mar 2016

I think some of the better known honoured Mercantis should be preserved. I'd like to focus more on my personal favorite, Danny Scarcello. I'll start figuring out everything I can about him.

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14th Mar 2016

The Purge:

Marco and I will be the primary researchers for this one, but we will welcome anyone else who has some little facts or other information.

The Purge began when Don Aldo Mercanti saw that many arguments were starting all over the family and some were getting out of hand. Don Aldo saw that the only thing to sort this mess out was to start the Purge, one full week where ANYONE could murder ANYONE. This was a very dark and brutal time in the families history. Some members who were ticked off by getting killed went off and created a "copycat" type website, The Andrea Families. (Thanks to Logan for some of this info)

"The Purge was also the rise and fall of the so called "Rizzo Family" a group of members who tried to stir something up in the Family, little did they know their plan wouldn't work, after a week, all of them but Azreal Rizzo were whacked, it was a great day when Antonio Balrone completed the whack" - Andre DiMartino

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1st Aug 2016

The History of the Shotcallers of the 6 Mercanti Family Street Crews:

This post will list every shotcaller of the 6 Street Crews throughout the Families entire existence.

The shotcallers will be listed from the first SC of that specific crew etc. We will also attempt to document some side information regarding that specific shotcaller. E.g. what they achieved as SC, how long they held the title.

Del Perro Barons:

Kodi Torello (Inaugural Shotcaller)
Adelaide Caleone/Calvetti
Jarno Genovese
Earl Jaeger
Ivan Zakhar (Temporary)
Tony Scaletta
Callum Vanzetti
Victor O'Connor
Logan Toretto
Andre DiMartino

La Mesa Counts:

Cristiano De Santa (Inaugural Shotcaller)\
Tony Scalleta 
Carmichael Bordello
Patrick O'Sheefe
Callum Vanzetti
Patrick O'Sheefe
Giovanni Leclussio (Acting)
Patrick O'Sheefe

Rockford Hills Viceroys:

Adelaide Caleone/Calvetti (Position in listing to be confirmed)
Gavin Marcello (Position in listing to be confirmed)
Tom Manzoni
Tony Animarium
Danny Scarcello
Carmine Balrone
Gullermo De Rege
Garin Poole
Jim Vario

Alta Knights:

Mike "Lich" Cipriani (Inaugural Shotcaller)
Azreal Rizzo
Sam Vario
Dom Vario
Sam Vario

Elysian Island Earls:

Tony Calvetti (Inaugural Shotcaller)
Marco Stinto
Charles Blackwell
Jarno Genovese
Marco Stinto
Danny Neves
Vinnie Tomasino
Marco Stinto (Acting)

La Puerta Dukes:

Oliver Dowbiggin (Inaugural Shotcaller)
Tony Animarium
Nick Xero
Flinn Worthington
Tom Di Martino
Tony Scaletta
Jarno Genovese
Charles Farlo
Tomas Vercetti
Carlo Mercanti
Jack Rushton (Acting)

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1st Aug 2016

The History of Tony Scalleta-

Tony Scalleta was son of Vito Scalleta another Honoured Mercanti, Tony was a close friend of the Don and Carlo, He was an avid smoker of Cuban Cigars and a friend to many people.
He gave people like Tim Armarego their first job within the family.
Tony in his youth had a passion for flaying people which normally amount to his enemies, his first job in teaching Mercanti's was to show them the art and how to adapt it to revenge he dropped the practice when he became Street Boss and viewed it as a way to enforce fear over enemies and nothing more.

Tony's father was killed when he was 13 and his killer (Nick Xero) adopted Tony telling him his father committed suicide the reason for the adoption was Nick's final message to Vito stating "I will see your son become what never wished him to be, a Xero"

Tony earned his wealth through his pimping corner on Magellan Ave Del Perro Beach and through years of hard work and anyone who hopes of reaching a legacy like Tony or any other Street boss needs to remember you will only reach it with hard work friendliness helping hands and a smart mind.

Tony First encountered Carlo Mercanti after hearing about him around the city, he then took him under his wing because of Carlos friendship with Vito Scaletta in csi. Tony worked for Carlo Mercanti privately outside the family as an enforcer for 3 years before Carlo introduced him into it fully as a muscle, Tony also became the Dons right hand man in Andreas City.

Tony Scalleta was Shotcaller of three of the six Street Crews during his life such as The Barons The Dukes and The Counts.
In his run as shotcaller for the Dukes he let money and power get the best of him ordering a whack on Jason Shaw for simply angering him something he wished he could take back and never have done. The lesson here to new comers and general Mercanti's is that lust for power and money will end your career so don't follow that path and if you already are leave it immediately

Tony Scalleta was the first ever Mercanti Family Streetboss and was also one of the richest Mercantis of all time.

Tony always stayed neutral in situations between mercanti's until he knew it was time to step in and negotiate the argument this method later adapted into his creation of the Mercanti mediators who would help keep peace between street crews and members alike stopping any chances of war within the family at the time for good.

Tony had two protege's in his time Blayke Hannigan and Carmichael Bordello both adopted his teachings and lead prospers and respected careers.

Tony dreamed of pushing into the cartel business and running the family against the San Rican cartel to increase profit and eliminate them as a rival Tony died before this could happen and the dream still lives (Perhaps when Mercanti 3.0 drops a mademan could start his cartel within the family and expand the business futher into drugs)

Unfortunately on February 10th Tony died at the age of 74,
2 days after his birthday from a final attack to his lungs by the cancer. His final words were "The family is strong...stronger than any who appose it...brave men will succeed.....". Tony's son set up a memorial site at Tony's Cuban estate, For those wanting to pay their respects.

Tony's son Leon who since creating his fathers memorial continued the Scaletta legacy for a short time before disappearing in the middle of the night no one knows where Leon is or if he is even still alive to this day.

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The History Of Tomas Vercetti

Tomas was born as son of Santino Vercetti , Established Mobster from Vice City , in 1975 .

After leaving the Family due the death of his father , he moved to New Angeles , where he hung around with the Vagos Street Gang in Rancho . Tomas was 23 at this time .

Two months later Tomas looked for a better opportunity and started smaller courier jobs for the local Mercanti Family . After showing his potential , he joined the Dukes Street Crew , lead by Jarno Genovese .

Tomas was a big time meth and cocaine dealer at his early days . After making a small fortune , he took a short break from dealing after meeting a lifelong friend , Danilo Neves , may God rest his soul . He was his mentor in dealing , and in loan Sharking , the biggest factor of Tomas fortune .

Before the loan Sharking , he was a weapons smuggler for the Earls under the leadership of Marco Stinto . Simultaneously , Tomas took a part in the Viceroys Operation , the Dismantling of the Heroin Syndicate .

Shortly after the Syndicate Operation succeed he became a Viceroy , and was the Advisor and Chief Drug Dealer . Short time after , he was called to Andreas City to meet Aldo , and receiving the message of getting made . A crucial moment in his life . These both positions allowed him working closely with the former Capo and now Street Boss Carmine Balrone , which was a good friend of Tomas . While he was in the Viceroys , this was known as his Golden Age , as he made enormous profit with drugs and his gun Corp VGE .

After a long time with the Viceroys , Tomas joined the Counts which were under Carmichael Bordello's reign back then. Fitting with the stealth working style of the Counts , Tomas started to sell drugs for the Counts in big amounts , similar to the ones back with the Roys . Next to his activity as Count , he was campaigning for the Governor Of San Andreas , after some of his files " disappeared " .

Tomas was originally planned as the Dukes SC , after Charles Farlos retirement , but he had other plans , and passed the Shot Caller torch to Carlo Mercanti . Shortly after this Vercetti won the race for Governor , and raised the selling price of Drugs artificially by tightening up the border to San Rico heavily . Smaller drug crews had no chance with this , while the Mercanti was making enormous profits .

After two terms as Governor he decided to step back for a small while , but several events made him come back in action . He was a member of the Knights Street Crew in his last living months , together with his close friends Dom Vario , Andre DiMartino and many others .

Tomas was assassinated by unknown killers . His corpse was found five days later in the Alamo Sea by his friend Dom Vario , who gave him a proper burial . Tomas a small family behind him . His liaison , which he was engaged to 1 month before his death , lives now anonymous in LC .

His actions for the family won't be forgotten , as one of the first Mademen of the newer generation ...

1975-2016 , credit goes to Tim Armarego

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1st Aug 2016

The Vario Bloodline


The Vario Bloodline stretches over half a century, dating back before The Expedition of A Thousand, a revolt lead by Giuseppe Garibaldi during the Italian unification in 1860

Here the Vario name was established with the marrige of two wealthy family's. 
The Variana's and The Io'nas. 

Both family's were highly respected by the people of Sicily and each family had influence over one half of the city. The Varianas were loved by the population that lived confortably, as The Variana's were the founders of Agira's banks and its treasury. And The Io'nas, owners of Agira's farmland and livestock, respected by the middle class and poorer citizens of Agira. 

In 1846 both saw fit that the town of Agira should be united completely, both sides sharing the same wealth and using it for the benifit of the people. 
And so they agreed to converge the two great familys of Agira, for the future of Sicily. 


On April 23rd 1846, both familys presented their heirs. 

Antonio Variana and Abrielle Io'na. Both still at the age of 18, married and converged the Variana's and Io'na's wealth, power and legacy together forming a new bloodline. 

The Varionas.

Wedding of Antonio Variana (Left) and Abrielle Io'na (Right) In Agira, Sicily

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29th Dec 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, "The 2016 Mercanti Awards Night"!

Carrying on from the tradition started by Aldo Mercanti and Honoured Mercanti Ashley Vercetti the 2016 Mercanti Family Awards Night has begun.

These are the categories, everyone is encouraged to vote:

1. The Most Elusive :

2. The Best Looking :

3. The Hot Head :

4. The Genius :

5. The Peacock :

6. The Soldier :

7. The Rising Star :

8. The Addict :

9. The Professional :

10. The Achiever:

Vote by posting the above format filled out with the name of whoever you want to vote for.

Whichever member ends up with the most votes on that certain category wins! Good luck!

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2nd Jan 2017

The votes have been counted and double checked for the 2016 Mercanti Awards Night.

Thanks to Robert Cagnoli for helping with the counting and double checking.

1. The Most Elusive :

The winner is.... Aldo Mercanti with 13 votes! Congratulations!

2. The Best Looking :

The winner is... Tim Armarego with 8 votes!

3. The Hot Head :

The winner is.... Jim Vario with 9 votes! Followed by his brother, Sam Vario with 4 votes.

4. The Genius :

The winner... or in this case, winners are.... Dom Vario and Carmine Balrone, both with 3 votes.

5. The Peacock :

The winner is.... Tony Palermo with 6 votes! Must of been that pink suit.

6. The Soldier :

The winner is... Francis O'Brien with 7 votes!

7. The Rising Star :

The winners are... Ruggerio Bordello and Gio Leclussio! Congratulations both of you.

8. The Addict :

The winner is... Blain... Blain Allen? With 5 votes... But, he doesn't.. do drugs?

9. The Professional :

The winner is... Carmichael Bordello with 5 votes! Congratulations.

10. The Achiever:
And the final category, the Achiever... The winner is.... Tim Armarego with 8 votes!

Thanks again for everyone who participated.

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