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17th Feb 2014

Ok so you have been putting in work, making your way up in the Family Tree. You have a good understanding of the type of work we get ourselves involved in. Now you see the City differently.. where you once saw a blur as you sped by in your Addar, yuo now see a goldmine of opportunity for the Family.

To create a piece of 'Family Business', read the following and post your job as a reply for consideration. All work must be submitted here before being put out on the streets as the Don needs to make sure that the work wont interfere with other operations or give us too much heat wit the Feds etc.. Also to ensure that the long term direction of the Crew stays on track and all jobs are presented in the same format and the content, congruent. We try to operate under the radar when possible, and are not always looking to kill. Sometimes the best jobs are not the most complicated. If published by the Don, the Job will include "By (Insert your name here)" and will be located in one (or more) of the territory threads under official 'Family Business' threads..

Until then, Jobs in this section are open to be played by anyone and tested etc.. put a 'Like" if you enjoyed the job.. use comments for constructive feedback.. Also note that for it to become Family Verified, it will help if it is presented just like the official jobs, ie spelling mistakes and unclear descriptions etc wont help.

First thing is to have an idea, then decide what type of Family Business it is, and a title for it:

Title: something that can be said in conversation that sounds realistic, e.g. "hey fellers i think we need to take care of that "Liberty City Problem"..  or "lets go "Pimping"

Photo: Ideally a photo under the title but its not really needed.

Crew: 1+ or 3+ etc.. some jobs will require more minimum numbers to complete. always specify the least amount needed for the job.

Racket - Perhaps Pimping, or Loan Sharking or suggesting a new racket.
Whack - Some type of mafia prepared hit on enemies of the Family.
Contract - If you have a photo of someone who you think is enough of a threat that the Don must here about it.
Gang Hit - A why, and how to guide on attacking Street Gang members such as Ballas. May or may not utalize Gang Attack Mode.

Info: short description of the mission so someone can decide if they want to do it before reading all the way through it.

Equipment: provide a list of items required for the job at hand, e.g. a Black Sedan, or Silenced Pistol or Getaway Vehicle etc..

Plan: the details on how to go about it.

Here is an Example:

QuoteBad for Business

Crew: 1+
Racket: Extortion
Info: Bums loitering out the front of Retail Stores are jeopardizing our "Protection" racket.. We need to get them to leave.
Equipment: Vehicle, Melee Weapon.
Plan: If you see bums next to a business like a liqour store, go up to them and scare them off, maybe give one a decent beating but dont kill them! (ie dont shoot them). Dont intimidate any bums you see under bridges or away from Shops.. we dont get paid to protect bridges.. Yet.

Here is the Template copy paste this and fill in the blanks, post the job here and i will check them out, ill also take note of "likes" so popular submissions will also be chosen.


Racket: (Insert type here e.g. Loan Sharking) Whack: Contract: or: Gang Hit:

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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17th Feb 2014

Dealing H is a deadly game.

Crew: 3+
Racket: Whack
Equipment: High calliber weapon, Stolen car, getaway vehicle
Info: One of the family's associates is dealing H on the side. This cant and wont be tolerated. 
Plan: He doesn't know that we know this, so when you find him, take him for a ride. Tell him its a collection. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew will tail from a distance. When you're in a secluded place, you get out, the crew opens fire. Ba da bing, ba da boom. Dont leave no prints, fibres, that kinda shit or you'll be next, kid.

Notes: The best way to do this is find a random player (preferably low level) on the server, drive up and honk your horn so he thinks you're friendly. It will not be easy as 60% of GTA players are normally idiots lol.

If you're on mics, make sure its crew / friends only. 

No high speed cop chases for this one. You need to slip away quick, leave no witnesses. Do not use any crew vehicles. You should be in and out. 

It would be a good idea for someone to be the photographer.
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19th Feb 2014

Traffic Jam

Crew: 2+
Racket: Running Interference
Info: Popular St which runs North/South just west of the Elysian Fields Freeway has become a major Trucking route for our competitors. Every hour dozens and dozens of trucks from our rivals move tonnes of Drugs and Cash to their distributors.
Equipment: Disposable un-marked vehicle(s). Optional: C4 or Jerry Can

1)Take an un-marked car and park it in the middle of Popular street, blocking as many lanes as possible. Once the car is in place, fein a blown gasket or some other malfunction and hold up traffic for as long as possible.

2) If subtlety is not your strong suit, you may take a car and park it in the middle of the road, and ignite the engine block in the manor of your choosing. The explosion and forth coming Fire Dpt. parked in the middle of the road is sure to create grid lock for a while, but risks drawing unwanted attention from The Police, and our rivals. If you choose this plan, get your pictures and watch from a distance as to not be identified.

Note: This is a Day Time operation. These trucks operate under a legitimate guise, they don't run at night.

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19th Feb 2014

Title: Homeless Round Up

This Job has been Verified - La Mesa.

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19th Feb 2014

Title: Teeing Off

Crew: 2+
Racket: Whack
Info: Rival gangs have begun doing their dealings in broad daylight on the Golf Course. They feel safe in that country club, all of that open space allows them lots of privacy and no prying eyes or ears.
Equipment: Golf Clothing, Silenced Sniper Rife, Silenced Pistol, or Melee Weapon. Unmarked Get Away Car(s)
Plan: A message needs to be sent, but we can't afford to be reckless here. Anytime you see 2 men standing together talking on the golf course, those are rival gang members doing business that is going to lose us money. They need to be taken out, and done so professionally. To blend in make sure to dress like you belong on the golf course. Polo shirts aren't that expensive.

Locate your targets on the golf course. Once identified, photograph them talking. Once photographed you have options on how to deal with them.

1) From a distance; you and your partner both pull out Silenced Sniper Rifles. From cover you quickly take 2 head shots and photograph your work. At this point get to your pre placed get away vehicle and make your escape in the chaos of all the patrons fleeing.

2) Up close and personal; This methodology will send a message, but runs more of a police risk. You may want a 3rd person to act exclusively as a driver. With either a silenced pistol or a melee weapon take out the targets and get your pictures. There will be witnesses. However do to the large open area your in, it will be hard for anyone to identify you specifically. The car you get into however will be identified. This is why you will need 2 get away vehicles parked, one a good distance from the Course. When you switch vehicles, make sure to destroy the first one. Then get away and lie low.

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21st Feb 2014

Title: Did you Call for Back-up?

Racket: Protection
Info: Sometime's protecting the Family means protecting those who would damage us to protect themselves.
Equipment: Car, Gun of any kind, Explosives.
Plan: Anytime you are conducting business with fellow members of the Family it is up to you to protect it from the police. If another criminal in Los Santos is being pursued by the police and they drive past you WHILE you are conducting business, and only while you are conducting business, then it becomes your responsibility to help them. If they drive past you they will most likely recognize who you are, and what you are doing, and would turn you over to the police in order to take a lesser sentence on their own case. You must take out at least 2 cop cars that are chasing them and then make a clean get away. Whatever vehicle used in this scenario should be destroyed, along with a clothing change. If their is no evidence of this, the mission could land you in jail. Be smart and Be safe.

For posting a successful mission, it may be best to use an Imgur journal, as it will require a few pictures to prove its been accomplished including; another online player being pursued, destroyed cop cars, destroyed personal vehicle and a clothing change.

This is a difficult mission and a risky one. However it will keep our business running smooth and protects the Don and those close to him from unnecessary heat.

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23rd Feb 2014

Oil Money

This Job has been Verified - La Puerta

I operate by Hammurabi's law: an eye for an eye.

PSN: d-_-bFr3sh

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24th Feb 2014

QuoteTitle: Cross Console Drug Trafficking [Big Job] Note; Imgur journals are a must and will be posted in the Los Xbox - Cross Console Thread
 2+Export, 3+Import
Racket: Narcotics sale and transport
Info: As the Family grows, so does our Transportation Network. We now need to move drugs between Cities. This mission is executed by both Console Cities, one console imports and the other exports. 
Equipment: EXPORTERS; Either a Boat/Jet ski or Prop plane. Backpack of Narcotics (Chute)
IMPORTERS; An Off-road Vehicle, and a get away car.
Plan: EXPORTERS; There are two ways to export our Drugs out of Los Santos. I will add using a personal vehicle is acceptable here as it is low risk, and it could be a massive inconvenience to steal a vehicle every time.

The First is by way of water. First buy some drugs off of a Los Santos based gang. When you have possession of the narcotics, make your way to either the Marina in southern Vespucci, Vespucci beach or the Port. From here make your way along the coast until you reach a river with access to the Alamo sea. On the North Shore of the sea, just west of Grapeseed their is a small set of Docks surrounded by some run down buildings. Make a dead drop by the Southern most building, or if their is a person there merely give them the drugs. Once photographed leave the area and mission success on your end. 

The Second way is through the air. The air is slightly trickier, but can move more product. This means more business for the family. After acquiring drugs from a gang you must go to Los Santos INTL Airport & take off in a single or duel propeller plane. From there you must fly up the EAST coast of the Island. This is important. To come within 2 Miles of the following locations immediately results in mission failure, as they house Radar Stations, some more secret than others: Fort Zancudo, The Prison or the Air Field in the Grand Senora Dessert immediately North of the Prison & The Vinewood Sign. If you avoid detection then your target is the Grapeseed Airfield to the East-South-East of Mt. Chilliad. Upon a successful landing, post a picture of the dead drop occurring within the hanger. After wards make your escape however you chose.

IMPORTERS; Once the drop is made you go to the site and make the pick up. At this point hop on your off-road vehicle and weave your way back to the city using only backroads and off-road routes. No pavement more than 2 lanes total. You will make your way to the construction site just south of Harmony and East of the Prison. From here you make the hand-off.

A Family man will be waiting at the Construction site and a stolen get away car. You make the exchange and get out. The Second man then takes the car to the Vanilla Unicorn club. He is too Highway Drive as much as possible, if he chooses to city drive he must not break a single traffic law, regardless of how small it is. This is a large amount of Narcotics that implicates both the family in both cities. That is too great a risk. Once you arrive at the club you drop off the drugs and destroy the car. Then success. 

NOTE: Receiving any stars once the drugs are obtained, or not avoiding the dangerous areas results in a failure and a Jail Sentence. Do not get caught. The failure only pertains to the driver/pilot. Any photographer or non-violent escort walks. 

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25th Feb 2014

QuoteTitle: Air Delivery

Crew: 6+ Racket: Narcotic's production and distribution  Info: With the success in the Drug Import/Export mission, the Family has been able to expand to producing its own small Cannabis operation. It involves 3 stages including; Production, Manufacturing, and Distribution.  Equipment: 1 Tractor Trailer (18 Wheeler with container), 2 Sedans, 1 Titan aircraft. Black Parachute, Black Out Attire. Plan: PLEASE NOTE; Before beginning this mission, put on all black clothing, and purchase a Black parachute. Once the mission begins you cannot abandon the mission to change or make purchases.

This mission requires a minimum of 6 crew members. It will also require an imgur journal. You will load into 2 sedans, 4 door variety. From there you will acquire a tractor trailer complete with trailer. At all times there must be 2 people in each sedan, with 2 in the tractor trailer. The Sedans are now security, 1 leads, 1 brings up the rear. From here you all drive North along the Great Ocean Highway to Paleto Bay. In the north end of Paleto Bay you will find  Donkey Punch  Family Farm. The Sedans will wait on the side of the Highway, while the trailer pulls into the Brown wooden Barn pictured in the second link. From there the Trailer will be loaded up with Weed, this will take 15 minutes in game. 

From here you will turn around and head South back through Paleto Bay to the Paleto Forest  Saw Mill. Wind your way to the large Red facility in the background. This is where the Cannabis is packaged and made ready to distribute. It will take 30 minutes in game. At this point all vehicles travel in formation to the Titan aircraft. If you have chosen to steal one in advance and stash it at a northern airfield than head there. If not you will have to go to Los Santos International Airport to the South East Hanger where one is stored. Once you arrive at the Titan you must wait for nightfall. 

The following can only be attempted at Night. Every person must be in all black, and must have a black parachute. It is imperative you are not seen whilst preforming the drop off. Once Night arrives all 6 people must load into the Titan. 4 of you will be preforming night time drops at designated locations. There you will parachute down and drop off the drugs to our distributors. If anybody jumps after sunrise the mission is a failure. If any parachuter dies due to a Chute malfunction, the mission is a failure. If all jumps are not completed in a single night, the mission is a failure. This has to be done perfectly. The Jump locations are as follows;

  1. The N.O.O.S.E. Building  located in the Palomino Highlands off the Palomino Freeway. Land in the parking lot & take a picture upon landing
  2. Bolingbroke Penitentiary located south of Sandy Shores. Do NOT land within the prison walls, land in the parking lot. A guard will be there to meet you and take the drugs inside. Take a photo when you land.
  3. Marlowe Vineyards located in the Tongva Hills just South of Fort Zancudo. Land on the property and take a photo.
  4. The Paleto Bay Rail Yard located on the east side of Paleto Bay. Once you have landed in the yard take a photo. You may chose to simply hop on a train back to the city at this point. 

Once the 4 jumps have been made, the two remaining in the Titan will fly it to the northern most airfield in Grapeseed. There they will land, take the last 2 backpacks of drugs and destroy the Titan. Once the Titan is destroyed they will drive to  This Farm just 500 ft North East of the airfield. Here you will drop off 1 backpack under the canopy by the farm house. Then the two of will drive back to the Unicorn Club with the last Backpack for our boys to distribute in the city. Be sure to not attract any attention from the police, it could bring down the whole operation. 

Once all Family members have arrived back at the Unicorn Club the mission is over and a success. Well done.

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26th Feb 2014

Title: Fireworks

Crew: 4+ Need a captain of Made Man rank or higher, but all others can be any rank.
NPC: 1

Racket - Train Robbery

Info: "So I got word of a shipment of military grade boom booms, it's being sent by train to Los Santos airport. I got a better idea. Grab some boys, a fast car, and a boat, catch the train, stop it on the bridge with some semtex and drop the crates to the boat below. If you plan not to become a commendation on some pig's formal uniform I'd bring a 'chute so you can get away yourself."
"You get that done, and we'll see about doing some damage."

Equipment: car or truck that can be ditched, parachute, boat, sticky bombs(5 minimum from two people to stop the train)) Cost for NPC: Whatever a heavy weapon costs

NPC Duty*:Get on the train first, once the train is stopped, drop a heavy weapon(RPG, Grenade Launcher, or Minigun) for the train robber to collect, if possible, get yourself some stars just before the train stops and dive to climb into the boat to insure the other players get some cops after them, your job is to make certain it's "interesting" without directly harming the other crew members yourself. Once the train is stopped, you can engage with the players, keep in mind however what is realistic to be used. Yes you're guarding a RPG but in reality you wouldn't be Given the RPG to use in the process.

If you do not have/don't want to actually give up a weapon to do this, that is fine, just eliminate the NPC from the equation, do everything else as normal.

*=experimentation needs done to be sure this works, will do that today.
Edit: Thanks to VmpKoa for his help with the experimenting, we managed to stop the train cold with 10 sticky bombs at a target area, we performed the weapon transfer to insure it could be done on the train(it CANNOT be done while the train is moving, the weapon will be visible to the player that dropped it but noone else can see or collect it)
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26th Feb 2014

Title: Chaperone

Crew: 1-2
NPC: 1 Client 1 Working Girl(optional)

Racket - Prostitution
(Req:3 Pimping Jobs Successfully Completed)

Info: "One of the girls called in, said she got picked up by a VIP that got stranded at the Vanilla Unicorn after managing to piss off his driver. Need you to pick them up in a limo, and get them to the Richman. This guy's a big muckity muck in the political game, you manage to get him safely in his suite without scandal and we can make a repeat customer of him. Don't drive like a fuckin' idiot, keep it professional, protect the client, protect the girl, don't fuck up! Hey no pressure though ok? You look tense.."

Equipment: Limo, Patience

NPC Duty*: Make the drive "interesting" your rules are: no directly harming the players involved, no leaving the limo unless pulled out by someone else, no use of explosives. Be creative and bring out your inner VIP, remember, they are there to impress You
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26th Feb 2014

QuoteTitle: Polluting Pipeline [Big Job]
Crew: 4+
Racket: Price Fixing / Theft
Info: Gas Prices are high, lets raise em and increase the value of every tanker we steal.
Equipment: Luxor, All black clothing, Dark Mask, Dark Parachute. Getaway Car, 5 C4 per person, Night time.
Plan: The Plan is to simultaneously crash a plane of C4 into a Pipeline that has also been rigged with C4 and have it look like an accident and not an attack. This will cripple San Andreas gasoline production network and make the Tanker's we steal far more valuable. Here's the plan;
  1. All crew members meet at Luxor Hanger at the International Airport. The Pilot and getaway driver each put 5 C4 on either wing of the plane. The getaway driver than drives to the Casino Parking lot and waits, while the rest load into the Luxor.
  2. The Luxor takes off east towards the pipeline. Once within the red circle on the map provided, the 2 non pilots then parachute out and land within the green circle. NOTE: From the moment the parachuters leave the plane they have less than 2.5 minutes to complete their tasks. 150 seconds. that is it. They will then rig C4 as shown in the picture and move to a position where they can photograph the exact moment of the explosion.
  3. The pilot now makes calculated moves in a loop marked on the map, to make the plane crash look like mechanical failure. As he heads over the wind farm he will radio for an emergency landing at the Grand Senora Desert Airstrip. He will then fly next to the prison and over the Satellite Array and past the Airfield. The pilot then radios that the Rudders are failing and he is losing control. After that he will radio in that he has pulled back on engine use and is gliding and will be coming around for another pass at the airfield.
  4. He does not do this, instead he flies near the Military Base, and then over the Observatory and over the Vinewood sign, continuing to Radio in about losing control of the craft and various problems. The reason for all of this is simple. All the radio chatter will be recorded by the black box. Upon recovery it will build a case of a mechanical failure and not sabotage. Also all locations that are listed contain Radar stations, which will further corroborate the story we are presenting. This is all key.
  5. Coming over the Vinewood sign, the plane will be on a collision course with the Pipeline. When the GPS says the plane is over the highway, moments before impact. The pilot jumps out and immediately begins to parachute to the south in the direction of the Race Track behind the Casino.
  6. As the plane crashes into the pipeline all the C4 will detonate along with the plane itself. The original 2 parachuters must capture this moment exactly. Once that is done they will bail out to the Casino as well.
  7. After regrouping destroy the getaway vehicle and lay low. Well done.

The Map & Pics

For those who wish to know why it must be an accident here is why. If a resource is attacked like we are attacking it, the US government will freeze the price of it to avoid stock manipulation and inside trading. By making it look like an accident we ensure we can capitalize on the massive rise in Gas prices.

P.s. If you do not let off the accelerator on the luxor the entire time it takes 2:20 however the odds you will hit the pipeline is low. Glide especially the last straight away into the Pipeline.

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26th Feb 2014

Title: Grab a Pint
Location: East Vinewood or East Xinewood
Racket: Theft
Info: The Casino and track would like to save some money by buying less beer.
Equipment: 1 Pisswasser Truck.
Plan: If you come across a Pisswasser Truck, steal it without implicating the family. Then drive it to the parking on the north end of the race track once the Heat is off. Once delivered take a picture.

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26th Feb 2014

Title: Pit Boss
Location: East Vinewood / East Xinewood
Crew: 2+
Racket: Protection
Info: Thursday's, Fridays and Saturdays have been getting rowdy at the Casino.
Equipment: Family SUV
Plan: On one of the 3 nights you and another crew member can chose to spend your night in front of the Casino. You may not draw a weapon, and you may not hurt anyone. You are merely a presence to discourage bad behaviour. You can smoke and you can have 2 beers an hour. Any rule breaking will hurt business for the Casino and The Family. It could also get you in jail

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26th Feb 2014

Title: False Flagging the Lost
Racket: Provocation
Crew: 2+

Info: Listen up, people. This is my section of the city, and i've been had my ear to the streets over the last few days. As you all know, the Lost are a presence in this part of the city. For the most part, the Lost and the Mercanti get along just fine. They sell us guns, we leave them be. However, lately we have been involved in some undercover operations. Put simply, we have been masking up and robbing the shit out of them. The Lost are big-time meth producers out in Blaine county. They have the best shit in the city, and it's raining cash with that shit.

While we have been getting on fairly well with them, recently they declined to enter out conflict with the Grove St Families. Considering the amount of weight they have to throw around, this is disappointing. Basically, the purpose of this mission is to 'encourage' the Lost to get after the families. We're going to start a war.

Get a crew together. This might take a while, but it'll definitely be worth it. Our first stop is the clothing store. Dress in green, and cover your face. Once you are G'd up from the feet up, steal an appropriate vehicle. Take it to Los Santos Customs, and paint it green. Once you've done that, find a nice quiet place to cover it in sticky bombs. All set? Let's go pay a visit to the lost.

Have somebody drive it into the compound in east Vinewood. Once you've done that, retreat to a safe distance and detonate that shit. Try and kill a few as they run away from the bomb. Don't worry about civilians- most of the people in this area are affiliated with the gang. No mercy!

Once you've done that, it's time to head out of town to make sure our message is heard. The Lost HQ is a trailer park called Stab City out in Blaine County. It's where they cook their meth, and it's where they keep their money. Keep your Grove St disguises on, because we are going to take the fight to the Lost at their headquarters.


OK, nearly done! While we are out here at Lost HQ, grab a few of their bikes. Make sure that you have enough to go round, and head back into town. On the way, swing by another clothing store and make yourself look like a biker. Leathers and filthy jeans should do it, and remember to wear a full-faced helmet to conceal your identity. Can you guess where we are going?

That's right, Grove St. Once there, we rinse and repeat what we did at Stab City. Trigger the gang attack, and shred some of those hoodlums. Remember to use sawn-off shotguns and the like, as those weapons are favoured by the lost. Do some damage, and then get lost. It would be a good idea to have an anonymous pick-up vehicle waiting nearby. After you have wiped down the bikes for prints, leave them right in the middle of the cul-de-sac at the end of Grove St.. Also, steal everyhing you can get your hands on. Don't be afraid to set a few cars on fire, too. We are trying to start a war here, people.


Once you've made your escape and changed clothes, head back to the Vanilla Unicorn for a drink. If all goes according to plan, we should have triggered a full-blown conflict between these two groups. This will be in our interests, as the Lost have some serious numbers on their side. The most important thing about this job is to protect your identity at all times. This is an audacious plan, but one with serious potential for profit going forward.

Read more: http://themercantifamily. ... ck-yce#ixzz2uUDuv1Zh

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26th Feb 2014

Re-Educating Nico Caprese
Crew: 2+
Racket: Stock Fraud
Equipment: Cargobob, Golf Pleats, and 511 Union Card

Alrighty, guys. As you know, we have been putting some pressure on the unions lately. The good news is that all of your hard work checking the union cards of longshoremen and truck drivers has paid off. Our candidate was elected at the latest meeting, and our access to the pension fund continues. All is well.
One particularly useful deal i have been able to cut with the dock workers is access to the merryweather storage facility on Elysian Island. This means that we can get through the gates guarding the cargobob if we show our 511 union cards. Remember that all made Mercanti members are officially union pipelayers and have no-show jobs on the books. This opens up a world of possibility, and gives me a brilliant idea on how to deal with one persistant thorn in our side.
Recently, ThadeRose and Ace have been dabbling in some high-end business. This is not really my area- i look after the unions. If i can't turn up to work in sweatpants and have a few pints of vodka at lunch, then it's not the job for me. Ace and Rose were trying to establish a pump-and-dump stock ripoff with the aid of a trader called Nico Caprese. You might recognise him from the club- he is into cocaine and titties (who isn't!). Anyway, Nico has been taking a bigger slice of the pie than he should be. He's trying to conceal his extra profits by lying to us about the stock dividends. I didn't know what any of those words meant until ace explained them to me.
Needless to say, this won't fly. Now, we need this guy alive but we also need to send him a clear message. Nico has just bought himself a brand-new sportscar with the profits of his theft. He likes to drive it down to the golf club in Richman every weekend to practice his swing.
Considering we now have access to the CargoBob, i suggest we abduct and re-decorate his new car. Pick it up from the parking lot outside the golf club. We'll try and get his membership revoked, too. Feel free to practice your boxing on any members you see wandering past. Take the car to the mod shop and get a nice big mercanti logo sprayed on the hood so he knows who is responsible.
Pick it up in the cargobob and fly it over to his house in Vinewood hills. It's the biggest in town- you won't miss it. Drop the car from a great height on his lawn. I want it to bounce at least twice. If you feel like landing and giving it a working-over with a golf club, that's fine too. Before you leave, set it on fire.
This should remind Caprese that he shouldn't steal what we were supposed to steal. That's theft! I think...
Here is a map so you knuckleheads know where to go. I'll be at the bar . ... ://

Read more: http://themercantifamily. ... se-tbs#ixzz2uUEx2c1t

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26th Feb 2014

Title: Discount Tugjobs
Crew: 1+
Racket: Prostitution
Alrighty guys, take a seat.
*The consigliere retrives a bottle coated in a brown paper bag from his jacket and starts drinking*
I was talking to Destiny, and it looks like we have another problem with scabs. Now, as you know we have a very strict no-touching policy at the unicorn for customers who bring less than $80 with them. We are a classy establishment, and since the pest controller was here i haven't seen a single quokka anywhere in the place. Anyway, the Ho's union sets the price of a handjob at a minimum of $30. We charge $35, but apparently the knuckleheads on grove street have been pimping out a collection of their gap-toothed second cousins down the street from the unicorn. These pockmarked bitches are charging a maximum of $10 for an over-the pants special behind the nearest dumpster. Our customers are coming here to get a discount warm-up and then going down the street for a cut-price service. Needless to say, this isn't good for anybody. The CrackHo pension fund does not receive any top-ups this way.

In order to teach these nasty bitches a lesson, i suggest we remind them not to streetwalk on our part of town. The girls will be fully aware of the conflict between our two orginisations and are very unlikely to get in a car with a bunch of mercanti hoodlums. Take a group, but have everyone in their own vehicle. Pick up one of the crusty bitches from the corner opposite the convenience store nearest to grove street. They're only out there after the sun goes down.

Now, once you've got here, what you do with her is... ahem.
*Xplosm takes another swig from his bottle*
All that really matters is that you takea photo of her remains for our facebook page. We need to show the world that discount handjobs and political correctness are not part of the Mercanti business plan.

Read more: http://themercantifamily. ... ob-9tq#ixzz2uUFWDbI8

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26th Feb 2014

Title: Trucking Scabs
Racket: Unions
Crew: 1+

Hey, bitches. No, sit down. I'm talking to the girls who work here. Now, i've just gotten back from the local longshoremen union meeting in the docks. As you know, we have been putting a bit of pressure on the local longshoremen to vote for our candidate. Most of the time this has taken the form of a broken bottle upside the face. Anyway, this seems to be working pretty well, because our guy got up for another term.

However, this is not the end of our problems. I found out today that the shipyard is employing non-union truck drivers. I caught one of these scabs red-handed as he was arriving for work and got his photo.

Now, i don't need to remind you that if the shipyard ain't employing union truck drivers, then the truck driver's ain't making contributions to the pension fund. No contributions to the pension fund means the family is getting stiffed outta what we deserve.
Now, i'm employed for my brains as well as my looks, so i have thought of a solution for this problem.

Get a crew together, go down to the docks and find yourself a truck. It could be a trailer truck or a cement mixer- they are both employed by the same company. Relieve the non-union driver of his truck. Once you have the truck, all you have to do is make it look like some non-union bum scab has been driving it. Maybe run over a few longshoremen and drive it into the bay. What you do with the driver is up to you- you could always stab him to death, but i like the idea of him trying to explain to his manager how his truck ended up under ten feet of seawater. Once a few trucks end up on the sea-bed, hopefully management should see how employing a fully unionised workforce can be GOOD for business.

Read more: http://themercantifamily. ... rs-f3i#ixzz2uUFvf4vV

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26th Feb 2014

Title: HQ Maintenance 

Crew: 1+
Racket: Enforcement 
Info: The Don and the high members of the Family don't always have time for little things.
Equipment: Fists / Tear Gas
Plan: Don't let people hang around our headquarters. If people are get nosey make sure they leave, but don't get the cops called. Photograph runners.

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27th Feb 2014

QuoteThe Whambulance      
Crew: 2+ (preferably 3-4)   
Racket:  Gang Hit  

Info: I have received info that the Ballas have been bad mouthing our family, so we're gonna sort them out. No small time hit, nothing so simple. We're gonna do an undercover job, no one can know it's us, so we're gonna rock some Emergency Services, ya get me? Two fronts, one job, one hit.   

Equipment: Ambulance, Clothes, Stolen getaway vehicle.  

Plan:   Members of the crew must steal an ambulance, bring it to the Auto Repair in Davis, So Glarke can disable the tracking device on it. Next head to the clothes store and dress up like paramedics. Whilst this is happening, the other members have to find a getaway vehicle hidden from the eyes of the public. When all members of the crew are ready, The getaway vehicle members must go up and attack the ballas. When they have done that the ambulance crew can go in to collect the wounded. (Pretend to put them in the back of the ambulance)     

Whilst in the ambulance you find out that one of the ballas in the back of the ambulance is a made-man for the ballas. Bring them to the Rockford Hotel - The Richman, and drop them off to the front door so HurricaneDITKA can handle him.    

Now to deal with the rest of the gang members in the ambulance, Bring them to the italian restaurant down in Vespucci - Al Dente's, you know the place, you've got a map from our gallery, right? JayD070393 will "deal" with them there. Now to get rid of the ambulance, Drive to the Scrapyard in La Puerta so the Capo can deal with it and break it down.   

The members that were in the getaway vehicle should have destroyed that vehicle and should be waiting for the "paramedics" to arrive at the scrapyard.    

Note: (Don't forget to take pictures at each of the HQ's and of the ballas dying on the ground)

Thanks to Ms. Rose (ThadeRose) for the help formatting this mission

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