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"How does it all work..?" (Family Info)
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2nd Feb 2014

*you take a seat with an experienced Mercanti Family Member and he schools you in the way of the Family*

"If your wondering how you get to move up the ladder then the answer is simple; Work the Family Business, Represent your Crew badge and colours. Be active in the Network.. But my main advice would be to get some "Family Business" done and take some Snapmatics of your work.. Write a comment with the photo explaining what Family Business you were doing. This is the best way to show your higher ups that your a serious gangster and a way to show your peers that your for real.

The Don gives 'Family Points' to members for a number of reasons, mostly 'Family Business' and Snapmatics. These points go towards attaining your next Award. It is also the best way to get promoted up the Ladder. However dont be fooled, Mademan is not a mid rank, it will only be attainable to the few. Get on the good side of the Mademen and Capo, Consiglieri and Don, as for someone to become a Mademan, it must be a unanimous decision from All Mademen and above.. If that day ever comes, you can hangout in the VIP Lounge here at the Strip Club and get bigger and better Family Business which you will be able to share with the Associates.. Show initiative and actively seek out your Crew mates and suggest some work. Its like any organization you must distinguish your self to get ahead. Become the go to guy for your superior and you will soon be peers. Dont be needy, do the 'Family Business' because you enjoy it, not for points. To attain the Rank of Enforcer is a high honour in it self, many a Criminal has retired rich and respected at this level.

..So yeah... just be active and get business taken care of"

*He takes a deep breath and knocks back his whiskey*

"You will be fine, you got a good head on your shoulders"

*He gets up and walks to the Bar*

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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