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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
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16th Feb 2014

Listen up, people. This is my section of the city, and i've been had my ear to the streets over the last few days. As you all know, the Lost are a presence in this part of the city. For the most part, the Lost and the Mercanti get along just fine. They sell us guns, we leave them be. However, lately we have been involved in some undercover operations. Put simply, we have been masking up and robbing the shit out of them. The Lost are big-time meth producers out in Blaine county. They have the best shit in the city, and it's raining cash with that shit. 

While we have been getting on fairly well with them, recently they declined to enter out conflict with the Grove St Families. Considering the amount of weight they have to throw around, this is disappointing. Basically, the purpose of this mission is to 'encourage' the Lost to get after the families. We're going to start a war. 

Get a crew together. This might take a while, but it'll definitely be worth it. Our first stop is the clothing store. Dress in green, and cover your face. Once you are G'd up from the feet up, steal an appropriate vehicle. Take it to Los Santos Customs, and paint it green. Once you've done that, find a nice quiet place to cover it in sticky bombs. All set? Let's go pay a visit to the lost. 

Have somebody drive it into the compound in east Vinewood. Once you've done that, retreat to a safe distance and detonate that shit. Try and kill a few as they run away from the bomb. Don't worry about civilians- most of the people in this area are affiliated with the gang. No mercy! 

Once you've done that, it's time to head out of town to make sure our message is heard. The Lost HQ is a trailer park called Stab City out in Blaine County. It's where they cook their meth, and it's where they keep their money. Keep your Grove St disguises on, because we are going to take the fight to the Lost at their headquarters. 


OK, nearly done! While we are out here at Lost HQ, grab a few of their bikes. Make sure that you have enough to go round, and head back into town. On the way, swing by another clothing store and make yourself look like a biker. Leathers and filthy jeans should do it, and remember to wear a full-faced helmet to conceal your identity. Can you guess where we are going? 

That's right, Grove St. Once there, we rinse and repeat what we did at Stab City. Trigger the gang attack, and shred some of those hoodlums. Remember to use sawn-off shotguns and the like, as those weapons are favoured by the lost. Do some damage, and then get lost. It would be a good idea to have an anonymous pick-up vehicle waiting nearby. After you have wiped down the bikes for prints, leave them right in the middle of the cul-de-sac at the end of Grove St.. Also, steal everyhing you can get your hands on. Don't be afraid to set a few cars on fire, too. We are trying to start a war here, people. 


Once you've made your escape and changed clothes, head back to the Vanilla Unicorn for a drink. If all goes according to plan, we should have triggered a full-blown conflict between these two groups. This will be in our interests, as the Lost have some serious numbers on their side. The most important thing about this job is to protect your identity at all times. This is an audacious plan, but one with serious potential for profit going forward.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » East Vinewood
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