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18th Feb 2014

*Your in the Heart of Mercanti Territory, No one messes with you in these parts. You know a few guys who hook you up with work for the Family, and your looking to make a name for yourself*

"Alright so you want to do some work around the HQ i heard? alright but you better make sure its done right. Rule number one. Never, and i mean never bring heat back to the Club. this is not a safehouse, got it? Keep the killing to a minimum we dont want the feds eying this area. Ok you get it.. Lets get down to business, we got these jobs for you at the moment in South Central Los Santos"

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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18th Feb 2014


Crew: 1+
Racket: Midnight Escorts
Info: Like any good Mafia/Gang, we have our own business in the "Entertainment" Industry. We call it the "Midnight Escorts".
Equipment: Vehicle (Ideally a Manana or Peyote etc..). Fists.
Plan: At night time approach some of our Escorts slowly. Exit the Vehicle a distance away (in order not to spook them) and walk towards them. Walk up to her and stand directly in fornt of her, say something about the Family being owed its cut and then walk into the Escort for 2-5 seconds, walk not "run and bump".... Do this until she reacts by stepping back.
Plan A: She will say something and walk away. This is good this means she has paid you up the Families cut and is heading home.
Plan B: she says something then starts running away.. This means either she refuses to pay you your cut or worse, is under the protection of a new Pimp! In any case if she runs, knock her to the floor and take all her cash, OR follow her and find this new pimp nearby and then... do what you think is best.

QuoteDrug Dealing 101

Crew: 1+
Racket: Drug Dealing Ring
Info: To deal in drugs a Mercanti Member can do the following.. Also note that this is a much less profitable way, and also much less safe than Performing Drug Dealing Advanced.
Equipment: Enable Parachute (Hold Select). Transport. Weapon for Defense.
Plan: Approach members of a Street Gang such as the Families, carefully. Walk up to a standing Gang Member and walk into him for 2 seconds (until he reacts) then step back a pace and wait for his reaction.
Plan A: He might talk some smack but does not push you or pull out his pistol. If so quickly hold select and enable Parachute.. Now you have bought the drugs of this guy.
Plan B: you walk into him and begin to hold select when the gangster pulls out his pistol threateningly.. This means he is not going to do business with you so walk away before things escalate and try another gang member until you manage to Enable Parachute without them pulling a weapon.
Next Step: Now you have a backpack containing drugs you must find a different street gang to sell the product too, E.g. Vagos and walk up to them carefully and wait to see their reaction (same 2 second process as before).. If they talk shit but don't pull out their pistol you can hold select and remove the parachute meaning that you have sold the drugs to this gang member.. However if they pull out a pistol while in the process, exit the menu and move away from this guy and try someone else. Its a dangerous business so its usually good to have someone watching your back.
Variants: you can go about this anyway you like, you could take the drugs and then walk away only to have your Crew members run in and kill the guy you bought off and get your money back.. however you will need to prepare for that type of action with a proper getaway vehicle.

QuoteThe Driver By Eaglesfans815 [X]

Crew: 1+
Racket: Tribute

Info: High ranking family members have important business to attend to.. such as absorbing the suns heat, or converting oxygen into carbon-dioxide. Offer to help them out by being their personal Driver and Bodyguard for a short amount of time, e.g. 10 minutes.
Equipment: Crew Vehicle, And Or Getaway Vehicle. Weapon.
Plan: Approach a Mercanti Member of higher Rank, either by your self or with a partner, and offer to be their "Driver" for some time. If they accept then it is your job to Drive them to where they need to go, and do exactly as they say. Protect their Life at all costs, and DO NOT crash the car unless involved in a situation where it cant be helped E.g. High Speed Chase.
It is at the discretion of the higher ranked member how far this mission goes. The death of anyone involved means you failed your duty.
This is an important job that should be done somewhat regularly and is a good way to become a go to guy for the Mademan, Capo or Don you are protecting.

QuoteRival Mafia

Crew: 1+
Whack: Rival Mafia Members in suits standing in groups of 2.
Info: there are other Mafia Crews who claim business in Los Santos, some we are close to others not so much.
Equipment: Getaway Vehicle, Weapon, Gasoline or Sticky Bomb.
Plan: If you are driving around in a not so wealthy neighborhood and you spot two suited men standing and talking with each other, it means you have stumbled across two rival Mobsters. If its possible for you to do so Whack these two on the spot and high tail it out of there, avoid the cops at all costs and destroy the Getaway Vehicle if there were ANY witnesses.. if it happened while you were in a Modded Crew car, then destroy it and call your insurance and tell them your vehicle was stolen an hour ago by some "hoods"

QuotePeeling the Union

Crew: 1+
Racket: Union Embezzlement and Corruption
Info: Due to our infiltration of the Union, we are often needing to send clear messages to certain loud mouths and trouble makers who attempt to enlist support in their efforts to remove us from the Unions. Other times we need to crack a few heads to get a job going, or to get a job delayes etc.. whatever the individual case may be, we are always in need of good Mercanti Muscle to pay these Workers a visit and remind them who they are dealing with.
Target: any workers dressed in high vis, working the docks or construction.. pictured above.
Equipment: Vehicle. Baseball Bat. Fists.
Plan: Approach Site in vehicle at normal pace. exit vehicle and approach the workers we are having an issue with.. And with your fists or with your bat give them a solid beating.. leave their money as this is not a robbery, its a message, and we don't want nobody to be confused.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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18th Feb 2014

QuoteDebt Collecting 101

Crew: 1+
Racket: Loan Sharking
Info: Some of the higher up Mercanti Members run Loan Sharking operations and they are always in need of Collectors.
Target: As a Debt Collector, keep an eye out on Rackets that are involved in Loan Sharking in particular. They will sometimes list the photo of someone who owes the Family money.
Equipment: Vehicle. Some type of weapon for intimidation.
Plan: Remember the photo.. drill it into your mind.. go about your business and one day soon you may see him taking a walk.. Handle the situation accordingly but remember that a dead man cant pay his debts!

QuoteHit & Run

Crew: 2+
Whack: Targeting highest ranked Online Player.
Info: Take a look at the players in your server, choose the highest ranked player outside the Family. This person is the Target. They are a Rival Mafia Mademan and must be killed quickly and without getting drawn into a firefight.
Target: Highest ranked Online player in your server.
Equipment: Vehicle, Weapon and ideally Lester's ability to remove blip from radar.
Plan: work together with your Crew to plan the Hit. There are infininite ways to approach this Whack but make sure it is done smoothly and without any Crew members dying. Use Lester's ability if possible and get right up close.. maybe draw them into a trap, the options are endless get creative. The Hit is successful if you kill the Rival Mademan and get away to safety.

QuoteRun Amok

Crew: 3+
Racket: Armed Robbery
Info: Wear our "Street Gangster" outfits and ride heavy on the enemy.
Equipment: Black, Yellow and White street gangster clothing e.g. Work pants and singlet wth Yellow bandana etc..
Plan: We are a 21st Century Crime Organization and our roots go back to the old street gang days. Get together with the Crew and get your look right. Then go out into the big city and have some fun, get drunk, do some driveby's maybe rob a store in Rockford hills... up to you. It is a happy coincidence that when we dress this way, the Law always assumes it was the Vagos.. To help continue this don't start trouble with them during your Joyride. And don't bring any heat back to our Establishments!

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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19th Feb 2014

QuoteSweet Sweet Blackmail

Crew: 2
Racket: Extortion
Info: You have been fooling around with the wife of a Los Santos Politician. She is pretty into you plus she is a kinky little sweetheart and you have been telling everyone at the club. This gave The Don an idea...
Equipment: Two Sedans.
Plan: Get someone to help you out as the photographer. Go and pick up this pretty little number (Any Hooker) and Drive towards your photographer who will be hiding near a place you chose earlier. She will be pretty drunk so pull over in the secluded spot and, using your charm get her "On board".. Photographer sneaks up and takes a snap of the action, make sure she does not notice him. This photo may or may not be used next Friday when the Don takes Lunch with the Politician.

QuoteMedia Intervention By Eaglesfan815

Crew: 1+
Racket: Extortion
Info: Weazel News has been sniffin' around Don TacticalSpray, even suggesting him by name in involvement with organized crime. Such Slander cannot be tolerated, time for the family to send a message.
Equipment: 1 Weazel News Van and an explosive
Plan: These punks in the news never learn. If you see a Weazel News Van parked anywhere in the City, steal it. Then drive it up to the Vinewood sign and light it on fire, blow it up, roll it down the hill. Do what ever tickles your fancy, just destroy it. Nobody is allowed to talk about The Don without consequences.

QuoteYou Call That A Venti? By HuricaneDITKA

Crew: 1+
Racket: Protection
Info: Your cruising the streets in your best suit, and all of a sudden the phone rings. Your informed that a man by the name of Carlo who owns a Bakery is being strong-armed into selling the business to Bean Machine. But this aint no ordinary Bakery. Carlo caters all the Mercanti functions. This can't happen, period. and besides, the Don loves Carlos Cannolis, they remind him of his Mamas.  Long story short, its time to let BEAN MACHINE know who runs the cafe business in this town.  There is  a ton of "Bean Heads" in this city. if you are walking around Los Santos, and see someone drinking that mud they call espresso, convince them why franchises don't work in our city.  I mean come on, the place doesn't even have Biscotti!
Equipment: Melee weapons only
Plan: Plain and Simple boys, drive around town find someone drinking a coffee, and try to persuade them to go to CARLO's, if they respond negatively, make an example. Take a pic of the battered latte lover, the DON will be happy to see that CARLO BAKERY is still a neighborhood delight. Afterwards swing by the bakery and pick up some pastry and bring them back to the unicorn for the DON, nothing spells tribute like a FLAKY CANNOLI !


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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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23rd Feb 2014

QuoteGrand Respect Auto

Crew: 1+
Racket: Tribute
Info: You are making your way up and understand that paying respect to the Members above you is a good way to go. Perhaps you want to Start working for the Mademan in Vespucci, or want to get on the Capo's Radar, delivering a brand new, untraceable stolen car might just get you noticed.
Equipment: Getaway Vehicle.
Plan: Decide which Mademan or above you want to pay Tribute too. Find out where they operate E.g. Auto Repair in Davis, or Strip Club in Strawberry. Steal a car from a vacant parking lot so that no one sees you. Take a joyride to look for a nice car driving around. You may have to get on the Great Ocean Highway to find something very nice. The important thing is to pull this car over, knock the driver unconscious and take the car, Without damaging the Car. Take it to any Chop Shop that we control and change the color of the License Plates. Now deliver this vehicle to the HQ of the Member you are paying tribute too, Take a Snap and put a description and send the link to them so they receive it. The nicer the car, and the better the condition, the more impressed they will be.
Example of this Job:

QuoteGas Station Protection By Glarke

Crew: +2
Info: Two people outside of the station have been planning to rob a store under our protection.
Weapon, Getaway Car.
If you see two people outside the Gas station beside grove st. kill them and burn their bodies. When you escape in your stolen getaway car, Destroy it and get changed.

QuoteTraffic Stop

Crew: 2+
Whack: Rival
Info: You are driving along with the Crew when you spot who you think is a Rival Enforcer driving a car up ahead, You tail them till they stop at a redlight and you make yuor move.
Equipment: Vehicle (Ideally Getaway Vehicle)
Plan: If you see a Black Sedan you can announce that it "looks like Joey 'Two Toes' Sabatino" or whoever you like it to be. If the Ranking Member in the Vehicle gives the Greenlight, Tail the vehicle, do not ram it do not block it. when it stops at a redlight, at least one person gets out and sneaks up on the car from the side and shoots to kill. However dont forget this is a street wise Enforcer most likely and wont just sit their while you take aim so the best Free-Aim shooters will need to make the Hit. If he manages to escape before the Shots hit their mark, the driver must follow him and is now allowed to use his car to ram or block.. this is desperate measures and may result in Jail Time as it will be a wild chase. Alternatively, you could let him go and call the Hit a Failure. If you successfully kill the Enforcer, one member should jump in his car (pretending that he did not just throw the guy onto the street) then take the body and the both the cars to be disposed of.


Crew: 2+
Whack: Payback
Info: You decide to do some payback for some crimes committed against the Family. Gangland Style.
Equipment: Stolen Black Baller. Black clothing
Plan: Decide the Target first, maybe its a Street Gang or a Security Guard, up to you. Take a Crew vehicle and get into Black street clothing. Then search around together till you see a Black Baller, ideally in a Carpark however you can Jack one, but change the License Plate at a Chop Shop if so. Whoever was driving the Crew Car should hide it in a good place. Now you are ready head towards your target as a group in the Black Baller. Driver should not drive to fast, and the shooters should lock on and fire on the enemy. Quick attack then get out of there. If unseen by the cops drive directly to the Hidden Crew vehicle, if seen, evasive tactics will be needed but avoid shooting at cops unless your life depends on it.


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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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14th Aug 2014

QuoteGang Rides

Crew: 1+
Racket: Auto Theft
Info: Some of the street gangs have been carjacking from pedestrians in broad daylight in South Central.. one was right near the Unicorn too!
Equipment: Bicycle or on foot. Crowbar.
Plan: Plan ahead, dress down, dont represent Mercanti Colours.. get a bicycle or take a walk.. if you see a Gang Vehicle.. you know one of those green purple or yellow modded cars usually with tinted windows which can usually been seen in the thick of gang territory etc.. hijack it and get it out of there, you can use a crowbar to smash in the driver side window for a quicker getaway.. do not get your self into a street fight.. you wont need a gun at all if you do it right.. take the car to the vanilla unicorn and take a photo with it in front of the entrance.. then take the car to one of our chop shops (Los Santos Customs) and sell it for about $10k+.. you can keep $10k and drop off whatever is on top of that to the bouncer at the Club. The more Gang vehicles we can get the better.. once there are a number of photos here, i will have someone show them to the gang leaders as a message to not fuck around with the vehicle theft racket of the Mercanti Family. the photo of the Car out front of the Unicorn is the only one needed for a successful completion of the job. This is a recommended job as it will net you in game money.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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QuoteCar Burglary

Crew: 1+
Racket: Theft
Info: This is a really good job to do when just starting out, or when looking for a quick boost of funds. Some people might choose to specialize in this and slowly move on up to higher risk stealth jobs.
Target: Parked Vehicles.
Equipment: Crowbar. Dark clothing.
Plan: Plan ahead, get your crowbar and and dark clothes and head out on foot, or get dropped off in the target area.. stand at the drivers side window of a target vehicle and use the crowbar to break the window, get in the vehicle and start searching around for valuables. check the glove box first and then the floor and go from there. (Note your character will naturally hot wire the car so just ignore that for RP purposes). Once the car alarm has stopped beeping, you are finished searching for goods and can get out.. You can do a few in a row or alternate between hitting a car and hiding and watching for police.. up to you but this is a stealth job so always look round you for witnesses before you do anything.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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My first job: debt collecting 101


PSN: Bledri1992

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