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ere the Don hosts the Web site aspects of our Role Play World.

This is where characters, businesses, turf, wealth, inventory,

rackets and other stats are recorded. We Role Play our

characters within this world using GTA V Online.

Check out the Series "How to become a Drug Kingpin in GTAV"

A few videos to watch to see if this Community is for you:

Meeting a Mercanti:

The oldest profession in the Family:

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Putting it all together:

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1 hour ago Mr. Callum Vanzetti X3/P3
To all people looking for work,

Soon I will have a couple of jobs that need to be done hopefully every week (5-6 jobs) if you want any of these jobs hit me up through PM as the chat system on my phone for this site is terrible

So lets get back to business

- Callum Vanzetti
24th Nov ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
To all Freelancers;

The Rockford Hills Viceroys are recruiting!

The Rockford Hills Viceroys are a fantastic street crew if your looking to earn big Cash while being under the radar of Police / FIB. Drugs, hookers and debts, there's plenty of Cash to be made in these businesses and the Viceroys do it all. As an Ex-Viceroy myself and a man of extreme wealth, I can 100% say that without that crew I wouldn't be were I am today.

If you want to make it to the top, you must make Cash and stay out of Prison, and in the Viceroys you can do both!

Go to the "Viceroys Current Members" page and join them today!

- Carmine Balrone
3 hours ago Big Jack "Jackie Boy" Neves X1
I believe we should host a big RP session in San Cali this weekend, who's up for it?
4 hours ago Big John Shep X1/PC
Going to be in AC in a few minutes. Making a crew only session, feel free to join.
6 hours ago Mr. Garin Poole (P4)
As of my difficulties with juggling IRL problems and the viceroys I have handed shotcaller over to Jimmy vario and I will be second in command, I am doing this because I want the Roy's to thrive.

4 hours ago Johnathan Whelan P4 replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
it ain't ever easy https://imgur.com/gallery/wZXLp
5 hours ago Big John Shep X1/PC updated their availability: 5 hours ago
17 hours ago ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
To All Crew Hoppers,

The amount of crew hopping at the moment is unacceptable!!

If you want to join a Street Crew, thats okay, but when you join one we expect you to stay with it.

Do the Street Crew Quiz to determine which crew you'd be best suited to, and then join that crew, than put in work and start helping the fellow members of your crew.

You SHOULDN'T be leaving and joining different crews all the time!!

If the Street Bosses see a member crew hopping all the time, that member will be banned from joining a Street Crew.

You've been warned
7 hours ago ℳ ©Captain Patrick O'Sheefe PC
((My phone is fucked so if anyone is trying to contact me on Kik, use the site or Steam instead.))
10 hours ago John "Gianni" Marston IV
Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!
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