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17 hours ago Charles "Lucky" C P3 replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
PJjah_dorNg Enjoy.
19 hours ago Didrianna DiCicco X3
LX is soo chaotic right now.
8 hours ago Big Matthew Matos P4
(not rp) Fucking unbelievable... Sony is actually not releasing The Interview because of these bullshit North Korea bomb threats.
8 hours ago Big Matthew Matos P4 replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
Just had to get rid of some pests. I may have gone a bit overboard, but you wou...
14 hours ago Nick Xero P3
Gonna be taking a few personal days, if anything is needed PM me. Not saying I won't be active but I won't be on until the wee hours of the morning and night.
1 day ago Big Danny Scarcello X3 received the award Comfortable $$

Congratulations! Your now living pretty comfortably these days. Earned 10 Point...

1 day ago Michael Caleone P3
I will be inactive from this week Saturday, until next week Saturday. I am on vacation and I am only able to look at the website with my phone.
3 days ago Kota Fenrir P3
I said i disliked deception, so i tried my best to prevent it, Now i got stabbed in the back for it,
In the last words of Kota Fenrir...
Watch your backs mercanti
17 hours ago Marco"Tuna"Stinto X3
Listen up People. I got a Big announcement. Today I managed, in cooperation with the Don himselve, to get a Team Speak server for us. I think this is a great oppertunity for us, for our RP world, for the communication and also for the community we have.

This is in my opinion a major step foward and I really hope you will like it. There will be a better explanation in the forums about this in the next couple of days but as of now, here is the Team Speak Adress:
(Channel Mercanti Family)
I hope you will pay a visit sometimes. Just to have a bit fun, or to discuss some things.
Thank you for your attention.
18 hours ago Marco"Tuna"Stinto X3
Somethings comming people, somethings comming, can you feel it ?
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