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ere the Don hosts the Web site aspects of our Role Play World.

This is where characters, businesses, turf, wealth, inventory,

rackets and other stats are recorded. We Role Play our

characters within this world using GTA V Online.

Check out the Series "How to become a Drug Kingpin in GTAV"

A few videos to watch to see if this Community is for you:

Meeting a Mercanti:

The oldest profession in the Family:

Street Crew Turf, Establishments & Backrooms:

Putting it all together:

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State Directory:


1st Read for new Associates

Show off your work - Imgur Journals


Information and Sign up

Character Profiles

The Mercanti World

Official "Game" Journals

San Andreas State (All Consoles)

The Republic of San Rico (All Consoles)

The City of San Cali (Xbox 1)
The City of Andreas City (PC)

The City of New Angeles (PS4)
The City of Los Xantos (Xbox 360)

The City of Los Santos (PS3)
Investment Portfolio (All Consoles)

Del Perro Barons
La Mesa Counts
Rockford Hill Viceroys
Alta Knights
Elysian Island Earls
La Puerta Dukes

The Vanilla Unicorn VIP Lounge (HQ)

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2 hours ago Mr. Dom Vario X1/ PC replied to the topic Mercanti Memes
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) http://i.imgur.com/XfWc97J.jpg
2 days ago Mr. Dom Vario X1/ PC
Got bored today and was playing with a few Car mods. Also got my graphics mods working in R* editor so I thought i would put together a little photo album showcasing a 2015 Ford Mustang GT and a Ferrari F50
Enjoy. Feel free to leave feedback on what you thought of the pictures
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Home of The Mercanti Family
Welcome to The Family Website!

You have been working on the streets for sometime, lonely out there in the big City. You have robbed and even killed for your bread. An endless cycle of cruelty in a cruel world.

You had heard about The Mercanti Family, how they operate under the radar. How they had an in depth structure and highly profitable Rackets. You had seen some of them in your neighborhood driving Black 4-Door modded Sedans, quickly moving from Vehicle to building. They were part myth, part legend.

One day you got the opportunity to meet an Associate of this Criminal Order. He had actually heard of you and recognized your potential. You did a couple of simple collections together, and he even brought you around to Casey's Diner one night. He said "wait here" out the front but you got to meet a few more Mercanti Associates outside. These were stern, professional, strong and purposeful men and you were keen to discover more.

After some time your friend, the Associate, told you to meet him down in Del Perro at the Italian restaurant.. He told you to "dress nice"


Explore the site, enjoy. Read the front page then go and check out the Forums (Top left of page), where it all begins for you...
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