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21st Nov Giacomo "Jackie" Barbieri PC replied to the topic Unofficial Timeline
Description of the job: Jackie removes a couple problematic gentlemen outside t...
22nd Nov Wei "Smoke Lung" Qigang P4Tong was awarded 2 points
Reason: job cut
22nd Nov Giacomo "Jackie" Barbieri PC was awarded 8 points
Reason: Job
19th Nov Enzo Rossi XX was accepted through the application Recruitment Application - Bloodlines
19th Nov Enzo Rossi XX has applied through the recruitment application Recruitment Application - Bloodlines
19th Nov Enzo Rossi XX just joined our community, welcome!
16th Nov Sammy Gecko P5/PC replied to the topic Official Timeline - September 2023
Description of the job: A Drug Problem - Sammy notices some junkies selling cr...
16th Nov Sammy Gecko P5/PC was awarded 5 points
Reason: Job
15th Nov C. LeaderNegan WeskerFallen
The Fallen are looking for more members to help control mirror park and expand our influence if your interested swing by the Tavern were sure to find a place for you in our crew
13th Nov Sammy Gecko P5/PC received the award 2. Broke

Well done, you’ve earned a few dollars. Enough to get dinner tonight at least. ...

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