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The Mercanti Family Role Play World 3.0

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich Man, Poor Man, Begger Man, Thief!
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The Mercanti Family

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The Mercanti Family

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The Alta Knights

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Street Crew Tasks:

Alta Knights: Poke around the Casino, look for opportunities for us such as Loan Sharking.
La Puerta Dukes: Meet some of the Korean Mafia in Little Seoul.. See what mutual interests we can share.
Elysian Island Earls: Set up a smuggling route to Andreas City (PC) from the Docks of LS and LX.
Del Perro Barons: We need to tighten up our Vendor Protection Racket.. Collect from the Hotdog vendors etc.
Rockford Hill Viceroys: You have access to the Golf Course, there is lots of money there, get in with some regulars.
La Messa Counts: There are lots of warehouses in your area, containing valuable stuff. Put together a Theft.

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9 hours ago ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC
**Taking applications for Street Boss of each City in San Andreas State**

Pm me with Title:

Application for Street Boss of New Angeles (P4)

Q1: What do you think the job description is, to be a Street Boss?

Q2: How will you help Don Aldo advance the family's success as a Street Boss?

Q3: In what ways will you improve the Mercanti Family Rackets in the City that you will be the Dons go to guy in, if you become that Cities Street Boss?

Q4: What personal qualities do you have that will make you a consistent and reliable Street Boss?

Q5: What assurance can you give to Don Aldo that you will not use this power he gives you to leverage it for your own benefit at the expense of the Don or the Family it self?


Anyone may apply, id be interested to read anyone's application no matter what rank, in fact it would not hurt yuor career for me to know more about you.

Don Aldo.
3 hours ago ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC
**Governor Race of San Andreas**

If you are a Mayor of one of the Cities, make an official vote for one of the candidates listed below:

Captain Marco "Dottore" Stinto X1


Captain Mickey "Salvatore" Worthington
9 hours ago ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC
Can someone please link below in the comments a nice photo of danny S and Tony S, i want to put them on the front page to pay tribute to our retiring honoured Mercanti's. Both incredible Mercanti's and honourable men.
1 day ago Big Andre "Whiteboy" DiMartino P4

Are you sick of immigrants coming into New Angeles and taking our jobs? Taking our money? Taking our weed? Or are you just sick and tired of having to stay second best because your Romanian neighbour has stolen YOUR benefits? If you answered YES to any of the following, then vote me, Andre DiMartino for Mayor of New Angeles. I will make the city a fairer place, with a lot more oppurtunities to the citizens of New Angeles, not the immigrants! So VOTE ANDRE for MAYOR!

*This ad was paid for by the "Andre for Mayor" Campaign*
7 hours ago ℳ ©Captain Mickey "Salvatore" Worthington
My fellow Mercanti's. Now is the era of change, now, is the era of progress. Now is when we leave our mark on history. As the Modern Golden Age. My name is Mickey Worthington, lieutenant governor of San Andreas and I am running for Governor. We live in a Capitalist Nation, and in a land of entrepreneur's and opportunities where one concept stands firm: MONEY IS KING. As your Governor, I will turn the Buy Low Sell High Theory Into a reality By Creating one of the most exclusive economic strongholds we have seen yet, the businessmen and women of our wonderful state will have guaranteed markets that will buy their merchandise for the highest bidder. I will push for new modernized and cutting edge technology and machinery for the state. Airports will have new Airplanes, The ports will have bigger and better ships, I will be working personally with the Toretto family to upgrade the Casino. Our famous beaches will become an international destination of travel, I will be pushing for new cont
7 hours ago Big Tim "Goodfella" Armarego X1 updated their availability: 5 hours ago
21 hours ago ℳ ★Danny "Fubu" Scarcello X3 Mercanti
*Leans back on the side of a car* Well guys. I think its time I formally retired from this life. It's been an amazing few years for me. And I even accomplished many of my life goals. But I think it's time for me to settle down, and go to L.C. I wish everyone the best of luck in this life. And who knows, maybe one day the Scarcello name will be felt again. (Danny Scarcello, 400+ day Mercantile, Former SC, Current Business owner, Retired.) *Sits down in a Sabre Turbo and rides off as a tear rolls down his cheek.*
1 day ago ℳ ★Tony "The Elder" Scaletta PC Mercanti
Aight guys,

I know I make this announcement a few times and I always end up coming back but uh this time I would feel I will not be. So most of you on KIK know half the story I was been diagnosed with depression not long ago and I feel I need to start battling it harder and sometimes stress from this family and having to protect people from outsiders and all the arguing doesn't help but the main reason is my family irl, I've been drifting away from them slowly for awhile and I need to get back to them with all the support I can. There are more reasons along side all of these but some are a bit too personal. So with that it would appear Tony's cancer has started to rapidly spread again and with only a few months to live has decided to move to Cuba to live out the rest of his short days.
10 hours ago ACG Stylez updated their availability: in 12 hours
1 day ago ℳ ©Captain Marco "Dottore" Stinto X1
What is San Andreas?
San Andreas is a state of the people, of the sun, the rich & famus and of the orgenised crime, this is no lie.
You want San Andreas to be more wealthy? You want a better lifeexpectence? You want a better San Andreas?
I will make it a better state. I do not set any promisses, because I know how hard politics can go. But I will try my best to do this beautiful state well.
Vote for me as Gouvenor of San Andreas today!

*This ad was payed for by you'r taxes*