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ere the Don hosts the Web site aspects of our Role Play World.

This is where characters, businesses, turf, wealth, inventory,

rackets and other stats are recorded. We Role Play our

characters within this world using GTA V Online.

Check out the Series "How to become a Drug Kingpin in GTAV"

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19th Sep ℳ ©Captain Dr. Marco "Dottore" Stinto X1
So, it finaly happened, R* announced a biker DLC, with purchusable Clubhouses, other new houses, new bikes, new weppons, outfits, etc etc etc. And you can ingame creat you'r own MC, in wich can (only) be 8 people, with ranks. And additionaly to the MC Clubhouse, a custom tuning gararge!
47 minutes ago Frank Costello PC replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
I got a tip about a transport so i called my partner Rodrigez and we got on with...
2 days ago Mr. Garin Poole (P4)
Also this is a quick statement for people mainly in the viceroys but also for the family, Reggie had been gone for alomst 5 moths now and I was second in command for the viceroys so I took temp Shot Caller but I don't think he is coming back I talked to his bother for a brief time and he didn't tell me much but it seems like he doesn't want to talk about his brother much? So im going to take full control of the Viceroys and become the full Shot Call thank you guys G.P.

P.s. Any questions comment below
19 hours ago ℳ ©Captain Patrick O'Sheefe PC
New video up: ... atch?v=4606gRfguPc

Cheers to William Rodrigaz for being the trigger on this one.

22 hours ago Frank Costello PC replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
So me and William was down in La Mesa collecting some Money for Patrick O'Sheefe...
5 hours ago William Rodrigaz PC replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
Collecting some Debt and getting shot at by vagos members.
16 hours ago Vin Patch X3 befriended ℳ ★Phoenix_Jay Mercanti
19 hours ago Sal "Bats" Spilatro joined the group Elysian Island Earls
19 hours ago Sal "Bats" Spilatro updated their availability: in 2 hours
2 days ago Frank Costello PC replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
Did a job for Tim "Goodfella" Armarègo about 2 days ago, if you need something m...
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