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Street Crew Tasks:

Alta Knights: Poke around the Casino, look for opportunities for us such as Loan Sharking.
La Puerta Dukes: Meet some of the Korean Mafia in Little Seoul.. See what mutual interests we can share.
Elysian Island Earls: Set up a smuggling route to Andreas City (PC) from the Docks of LS and LX.
Del Perro Barons: We need to tighten up our Vendor Protection Racket.. Collect from the Hotdog vendors etc.
Rockford Hill Viceroys: You have access to the Golf Course, there is lots of money there, get in with some regulars.
La Messa Counts: There are lots of warehouses in your area, containing valuable stuff. Put together a Theft.

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2 hours ago ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC
Street Crew Role Call.

Please reply below IF it applies to you as follows.

Name - Street Crew - Shot Caller/Pointman - Internal Title. e.g.

Jim Douglas - Knights - Pointman West Vinewood - 'Old Boy'
Bill Bryce - Counts - Shot Caller La Mesa - none
1 hour ago Tom "Top Dog" DiMartino P4 joined the group La Puerta Dukes
3 hours ago Mikey "Lich" Ravenloft replied to the topic "So you want some work from the Don..? (1st Read)
I'm here if needed. Hello Don Aldo. -Lich
3 hours ago Mikey "Lich" Ravenloft updated their availability: in 16 hours
7 hours ago Big Adone Fanucchi X3 updated their availability: in 10 hours
12 hours ago Big Michelle ross p4 befriended Sam "Lefty" Vario P3
13 hours ago Caesar Ramirez P4 replied to the topic "So what have you been up to..?" (Imgur Journals)
Debt Collection- It was my first time in the job. I needed money quick. So, I s...
14 hours ago Big Callum Vanzetti [X3] befriended Carmine Balrone P4