Street Crew Tasks:

Alta Knights: Poke around the Casino, look for opportunities for us such as Loan Sharking.
La Puerta Dukes: Meet some of the Korean Mafia in Little Seoul.. See what mutual interests we can share.
Elysian Island Earls: Set up a smuggling route to Andreas City (PC) from the Docks of LS and LX.
Del Perro Barons: We need to tighten up our Vendor Protection Racket.. Collect from the Hotdog vendors etc.
Rockford Hill Viceroys: You have access to the Golf Course, there is lots of money there, get in with some regulars.
La Messa Counts: There are lots of warehouses in your area, containing valuable stuff. Put together a Theft.

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43 minutes ago Tony Scaletta PC
Well been working on this for a few days and finally got it finished I was only doing it for fun but decided to upload it anyway, Tony Scaletta's character trailer


1 day ago ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC wrote a new comment for Jamal "JJ" Johnson
Second char needs to be related, ie last name worthington.
2 hours ago Flinn Worthington P3/X1
I'd like to take a moment to talk about personal storages. Each city has their own spot where players can open a two-slot storage for their own use, free of charge. For players that are on multiple systems, do not take advantage of this and open multiple storages. You need to use the storage in the city you are CURRENTLY living in, and cannot use one in another city unless you have someone in that city do it for you or you make a journal going to that city. For Example, My storage in Los Santos is currently inaccessible unless I go there and get the items.
19 hours ago Big Azrael "Sliver" Rizzo II (P4)
Oh since everyone seems to know why I left the Knights let me show you the truth.
2 hours ago Big Abigail "The Fox" Scaletta PC received the award 3. Mafia Guy

You have been working hard and you have shown your self to be a good Earner for ...

2 hours ago Big Tom DiMartino P4 updated their availability: in 21 minutes
2 hours ago Gryff Johnson has applied through the recruitment application Associate Recruitment Application - The Mercanti Family
2 hours ago Gryff Johnson just joined our community, welcome!
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