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Street Crew Tasks:

Alta Knights: Poke around the Casino, look for opportunities for us such as Loan Sharking.
La Puerta Dukes: Meet some of the Korean Mafia in Little Seoul.. See what mutual interests we can share.
Elysian Island Earls: Set up a smuggling route to Andreas City (PC) from the Docks of LS and LX.
Del Perro Barons: We need to tighten up our Vendor Protection Racket.. Collect from the Hotdog vendors etc.
Rockford Hill Viceroys: You have access to the Golf Course, there is lots of money there, get in with some regulars.
La Messa Counts: There are lots of warehouses in your area, containing valuable stuff. Put together a Theft.

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3 minutes ago Sam "Slick" Bortolussi P3 updated their availability: in 12 hours
23 minutes ago Jim Marello P3/4 updated their availability: in 23 hours
2 hours ago Franky "Four Fingers" Eves P4 updated their availability: in 1 day
4 days ago Ethan 'Rapinatore' Morris X1
(OOC) I'm gonna be taking a little break from the family because of one reason, and this should be said, there ain't enough Xbox 1 player and i'm sick and tired with playing with Sonny and Jack, keeping the fact that this happens rarely. I know i've only been in this for just over 50 days but i like being active, getting from school and doing a roleplay but dosen't happen. Hopefully when i return, if i return, there will be more Xbox 1 players in the family. Hope everyone does good while i'm gone.
13 hours ago Sonny "Diavolo" Scarpelli X1
Hello all, I'm finally moved into my new place and got internet yesterday! Glad to be back, especially to get back to work. Thanks for the patience and understanding the past few weeks!
8 hours ago Luis Soto
Any rp going on for x1 ?
2 hours ago Sonny "Diavolo" Scarpelli X1 updated their availability: 1 hour ago
10 hours ago Big Charles "Smiley" Farlo X3
Due to my very recent journal, I won't be in rp sessions for about 1-2 weeks. I'm not going inactive I'm just in LS but I don't have PS3 so I can't rp there or in LX.
11 hours ago Big Charles "Smiley" Farlo X3 befriended Luis Soto
19 hours ago Tony "The Narco" Scaletta PC
Well I have been permanently banned from GTA 5 and it cannot be taken off so basically I cant RP anymore which sucks but I can still stay around for help and shit it will be more advisory etc so yeah honestly though this aint a big deal for me apart from the mercantis I didn't do much on the game anyway so yeah but I will try and find a way to get a new account if not then FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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