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ere the Don hosts the Web site aspects of our Role Play World.

This is where characters, businesses, turf, wealth, inventory,

rackets and other stats are recorded. We Role Play our

characters within this world using GTA V Online.

Check out the Series "How to become a Drug Kingpin in GTAV"

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22 hours ago Jordy Calcino was accepted through the application Associate Recruitment Application - The Mercanti Family
23 hours ago Jordy Calcino
Just a heads up; this is Geordie Calcino. Marco suggested I make a new account, so here I am.
23 hours ago Jordy Calcino has applied through the recruitment application Associate Recruitment Application - The Mercanti Family
23 hours ago Jordy Calcino just joined our community, welcome!
2 days ago Geordie Calcino
Thanks to Jack Rushton, this is the plan. So, we've all heard the rumours, you know, the Don has left and this is place is dead? Well I say NO to that. I hope that those of you who are still here and survived this long will read this and come to the realisation that we are a family and that family is #1. I don't care Stinto says, this is a truth that he'll just have to accept as well. The family is reborn. I WILL NOT be taking power from the Don or any of the Street Bosses, Capos etc. I'm merely here to re-establish the groundwork of the Mercanti Family. Together, we will forge a new era of organised crime amongst the streets of the cities. Together, we will take back what is ours. Only together, all of us, will we overcome this and together, we will breathe new life into the Mercanti Family.
If you are loyal, you will understand. If you are loyal, you will return.
17th May Geordie Calcino
To any and ALL Mercanti Family members:
I joined the family in the hopes of working my way up its ranks. I'm still just an associate, but now that the Don himself has left, and Tony Scaletta has shut this place down, I want to make it my personal mission to bring this place back from the ashes. The Vanilla Unicorn can be rebuilt, it will take time, but so can the family. If you have ever had any loyalty towards this family, we need you now more than ever. Time is a fickle thing, and all good things must come to an end. But that time is not now - not ever! I see the fear in your eyes, the dread. You are Mercanti. You will live the Mercanti way. And we are not broken - never. I will never give up on this, not until the day that the age of the Mercanti comes crashing down! But it is not this day, this day, we fight for what is ours! By all that you hold dear in these good cities of ours, I bid that you stand, the Mercanti Family lives again!

For the honour of the Don, I will not try
2 days ago Geordie Calcino updated their availability: 1 day ago
2 days ago Jhon gotti was rejected through the application Associate Recruitment Application - The Mercanti Family
5th Apr Tommy (Ghost) Valcon
currently just got gta for pc looking for some work. and some one to show me the ropes just got out of the military back in home town san andres (pc) and there is no one in my family left been looking for jobs and not getting any luck looking for some one to help me out here. Welling to get my hands dirty.
12th Apr Pocalyptic Lion
I'm honored to be part of this family. It's a blessing.
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