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ere the Don hosts the Web site aspects of our Role Play World.

This is where characters, businesses, turf, wealth, inventory,

rackets and other stats are recorded. We Role Play our

characters within this world using GTA V Online.

Check out the Series "How to become a Drug Kingpin in GTAV"

A few videos to watch to see if this Community is for you:

Meeting a Mercanti:

The oldest profession in the Family:

Street Crew Turf, Establishments & Backrooms:

Putting it all together:

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San Andreas State (All Consoles)

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The City of San Cali (Xbox 1)
The City of Andreas City (PC)

The City of New Angeles (PS4)
The City of Los Xantos (Xbox 360)

The City of Los Santos (PS3)
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10 hours ago Tony "Bullettooth" Andrews(ALL
yo if anyone is still alive out there we need to get this place back up to working order bring it back and make it great so with that if you want to help revive this place pm me Here or add me on Xbox @ Vinnie Stracci or on playstation @ Soulstealer0369 im mostly on on xbox lets revive this place and keep it going even longer
7th Jan Savio Acciai X1/PC
Right when I come back to see how the family was doing, only to see it shutting down. Don't know wants really been going on but hope the old timers are doing good, as I said, just came to check in. I was actually feeling the rolepay mood but seems I'm a bit too late, family had a good run though, a lot of fond memories. ~ Savio
14 hours ago Tony "Bullettooth" Andrews(ALL updated their availability: in 14 hours
1 day ago Don Scaparelli was rejected through the application Associate Recruitment Application - The Mercanti Family
14th Nov 2017 ℳ ★Tony "The Elder" Scaletta PC Mercanti
On behalf of respect towards my old friend don Aldo I'm shutting this place down lore wise until/if he ever comes back to resurrect this place

(As the sun sets on the vanilla unicorn 3 black super diamonds pull up in front, upon hearing the news of the families decay upon losing its leader 9 men amerge from the cars rifles and gasoline in hand. As they shoot up the building and torch it to the ground many mercantis flee for their lives in hope to rebuild in the future)
God bless folks take care I hope this place gets resurrected some day
1 day ago Don Scarletti updated their availability: 1 day ago
2 days ago Don Scaparelli has applied through the recruitment application Associate Recruitment Application - The Mercanti Family
2 days ago Don Scaparelli just joined our community, welcome!
3 days ago tony updated their availability: 3 days ago
3 days ago tony was rejected through the application Associate Recruitment Application - The Mercanti Family
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